~ Honji Fertility Center for assistance shoot ~
Remember sensation throughout Asia Japan TBS Television in 2013 “Hanzawa Naoki” double your money back yet?

Japan’s TBS latest planning, this content introduced worldwide total of three hours the latest technology and delivery of messages pregnancy reality show. After Japan’s TBS television and Honji Fertility Center approached Dr. Chang Hung-Chi – assisted shooting part of the contents ─ Japan hopes in Taiwan to accept infertility treatment, and the couple have children.

Japan, Asia and Europe leading medical sync, but from New York University Reproductive Center Dr. Chang Hung-Chi founded by Honji Fertility Center, and Japan also provide the same quality of medical services, inexpensive, well sure. No need to pay the high cost of the United States or Thailand, let infertile couples in Japan more than a glimmer of hope to be able to parenthood.
The clinic interview last year by the Japanese Asahi Shimbun, Japan set off a series of discussions within the noise, there are many Praying for infertile Japanese couples eager to come to Taiwan to accept infertility treatment, the Court also had the honor of Japan helped many infertile couples, in Japan, another one of the best television -TBS television, particularly interview president of the court – Dr. Chang Hung-Chi, artificial reproduction and development on the hospital, so we also need to work harder for infertile women around the band to hope.