Mrs. Zhong, from Malaysia, shares her IVF experience at a testimony in March 31st of 2018.

The testimony was about how she and her husband tried to conceive naturally for three years, but was unsuccessful, and their medical history for seeking traditional IVF.

In those days, she repeatedly examined multiple gynecological symptoms such as ovarian cysts, polycystic ovary syndrome, and uterine fibroids in several hospitals/clinics.

Mrs. Zhong and her husband, who have always been brave to face any problem, found that the ovarian cyst grew larger before the last attempt of the traditional IVF. They didn’t want to risk the high risk of having to burn the fallopian tube to treat the ovarian cyst.

She followed her friend’s suggestion to come to Honji Fertility Center. Mrs. Zhong believes that the concept of Honji, which doesn’t encourage major surgical examination, is the same as herself. It is non-invasive, saves money, and straight to the point.

Last year, she started a mild and non-irritating natural cycle treatment. During the treatment period, she adjusted her physique and successfully obtained enough healthy eggs. She was pregnant with twins after the implantation.