Taipei’s Honji Fertility Center provides a high quality IVF service, which is compatible to New York University’s Fertility Center.

The success rate is high. Sixty percent of Honji Fertility Center’s patients are Japanese, traveling from Japan!

One IVF cycle only consists of three visits to our clinic. Want to know more details about IVF in our clinic?


Thank you for your support, as Dr. Chang explains his methods of IVF online following by a consultation on the phone for free! 

【Legal supply of egg/sperm/Third generation test tube】Taiwan, Taipei, Honji Fertility Center online seminar

(1)Seminar’s date and time:
Time:Nov 3th, 2018, 3:00pm

(2)Registration Time:Scheduled on 2018/10/20
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(3)About the event:

Doctor Chang will personally explain the treatment methods such as using donated egg/sperm, freezing eggs for future fertilization, third generation test tube, our price, how you only need to visit Taiwan twice if you are from abroad, no wait, how our treatment won’t affect your work/career, as well as our successful cases from the past and recently.

(4) Breakdown of the online seminar:
1. Sharing of real cases:success case video
2. Background of Dr. Chang and his presentation
3. Explanation on the following process:
– IVF (in vitro fertilization)
– PGS (preimplantation genetic screening)
– Egg freezing (for future fertilization)
– Egg/sperm reciepients
4. One on one free consultation

The only artificial reproduction center from Taiwan that uses mild stimulating techniques for IVF, brings together a world-class professional team, provides intensive care programs such as artificial insemination and egg freezing, as well as providing comprehensive professional examination and medical treatment for infertile patients.

【How to participate in the 17live broadcast and consult with Dr. Chang】
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6. Finally, you’ll see the live streaming at 15:00 in the profile.

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