History and Purpose

Honji Histroy

Honji Natural Cycle Reproductive Center was founded by physician Chang Honji, a scientist living in the US in March 2012 in Taipei, and was approved as Artificial Reproductive Institution” in May of the same year by Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health. It is the first and currently only artificial reproductive center applying mild stimulation IVF. In addition, with a world-class vitrification egg bank, it is able to provide comprehensive inspection and medical services for infertility patients.

Honji Natural Cycle Reproductive Center gathers a world-class team of professionals to bring you the best test-tube baby technology. We believe that a comfortable and relaxed treatment experience will be good for your physical and mental health, thus to create an atmosphere more conducive to pregnancy. Our treatment strategy combines the mild stimulation, a leading laboratory techniques and personalized services, so that we can reach the same high success rate as conventional IVF treatment methods only by using a small amount of drugs.

We sincerely welcome you to visit our clinic at Taipei MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station; our enthusiast and patience staff will provide you the best quality and the most professional technology and services.

Honji Purpose

Honji Natural Cycle Reproductive Center uses dandelion in the wind as its symbol pattern. After dandelion flowers wither, there will grow a spherical seed; when the wind blows, the feathery seeds fly by the wind. The pattern symbolizes that Honji Natural Cycle Reproductive Center is committed to spreading the seeds of hope and takes it as a mission to help you pursue a perfect life.