16 years of marriage, Praying for baby for 12 years, and tried another path for incoming new life.

Others may not understand what little Mark means for my wife and I. I believe that our small Mark was sent by Buddha and planted a seed full of joy, hope, and imagination that constantly grew healthy and strong inside my wife’s body.
December 6, 2015, Mrs. Huang’s meditation had a very special feeling. December 7 we were very happy to know that our small mark went through the first stage. Thanks to Dr. Chang and Buddha, to which we began to imagine a world with our baby.
From beginning searching infertility specialist physician until now has been twelve years, with repeated attempts and failures among doctors, our life is filled with injection, back to the clinic and then back down from another new medications and treatment. I cared about the feelings of my wife and decided to stop infinity treatment. Seriously, I thought we would be living our life just only the two of us forever.
2015, June, because we like kids so much, that we began looking for adoption. Suddenly a special term appeared on my mind without knowing my wife would have accepted; (*egg/ovum donation* method.) With my wife’s affirmative response, and after searching the web we immediately came to meet Dr. Chang, as if he was the commander who would bring our little Mark from Mars back to Earth.
The stages were like a game, from the selection of the best blastocysts into the stomach to whether it can be implanted or not, ectopic pregnancy or not, have a heartbeat or not. Twelve years ago our first embryo was treated with surgery because chromosomal abnormalities.
Thanks to Dr. Chang, technicians, and nurses’ efforts and tolerance, that allow me to have special requirements and needs, height and weight, blood type, and education back ground. Although type A and type A will also born type O, but I think because I am Ai, and my wife is AA, so our baby must only be type A.
If the angel selects his/her favorite choice of parents to become their children, then I really think that our little Mark must know that my wife and I are serious yet kind type of parents, so that was why he chose us.
Finally, thanks to the blessing of God (Bodhisattva) and Dr. Chang, we were able to go to another important stage of life, and welcome the arrival of a new life, with a lot of expectation, nervousness, but also happiness.
Additionally, we want to share our experience with you, and think of this topic as a normality.
Key Password: blastocyst patterns plus wafer(aCGH)/ Preimplantation genetic testing.Yes, this is the blastocyst, which took us five days to choose; trophoblastic cells with A-level grade blastocysts were implanted. If a single clinical blastocyst implantation blastocyst 3BB, each implanted pregnancy rate is 70% to 75%, the cumulative pregnancy rate of 85%, even if we implanted two, but only one small Mark went through the first stage. We came to realize that the selection of the most outstanding astronauts is not enough; depreciation (older mother’s womb) of the spaceship is also an important factor to determine the success.