I was in the end of February this year, under the age of 41 produced first child.
This time I was in Taiwan Honji Fertility Center to infertility treatment very well, so want this experience to write, to share with you.

I began to think of a baby in half after the age of 30, when the amount of basal body temperature to try natural pregnancy, but the belly has been no movement, so the 40-year-old.

Various check again at age 40 and found that the man also has infertility symptoms, so the couple to learn about our kids, we can only do “microscopic fertilization” of. So we went to Japan to do a well-known infertility treatment clinics listen to instructions. Exorbitant fees, physician judgment is always the chance, and like the course of a routine job makes me skeptical that the delay can not be determined under the heart.

At this time, Mr. friend told us about Honji Fertility Center. We would go to Taiwan listened to instructions.

I had to receive treatment abroad is very disturbing, but Dr. Chang Hung-Chi optimistic and positive attitude to tell me, even 40 years old I am also a good chance of success, so I think that Dr. Chang Hung-Chi should be trust.

Doing in vitro fertilization, but also in foreign countries. This is a very important decision.
But clinic brought me a sense of peace of mind to heal anxiety.
Clean clinic space, the most sophisticated medical equipment, staff intentions, as well as the experienced Dr. Chang Hung-Chi, they let me make a decision at the time did not feel any anxiety.

Then three months later, in my work can be a paragraph, I again returned to Taiwan for medical treatment. Due to busy work, I ask them to transplant the ovum time compression within ten days.

What I do is no anesthesia COH. Because physicians superb technology, so I almost did not feel the pain at the situation get 15 eggs.

Training days can choose three days or five days, the embryo can implant up to three (Taiwan can put 4) and so on, each step Honji Fertility Center have for me to do a careful explanation, so I was able to fully understand the receiving treatment under the best condition.
Can relax in the case, do the treatment under a positive atmosphere, thanks to the attentive physicians and staff.

Before I already know the results of this treatment are satisfied, you’re done mentally feel a sense of fulfillment.

I took drugs to maintain hormonal balance and injection back to Japan.
Then, the results of a pregnancy test in Japan is “positive.”

Indescribable joy.

Having said that, in order to allow older mothers have regarded my miscarriage, doctors also opened to 12 weeks of drug to me. In Japan there is no such miscarriage treatment, these details also makes me feel very satisfied.

So in this year’s February 25, I gave birth to 3208 g male baby.
Although because of fetal pelvis asymmetry must laparotomy, but both mother and child safe.

Today I am still very glad and very grateful to be able to meet Dr. Chang Hung-Chi, and decided to do the treatment in Honji Fertility Center.

Unable to find a satisfactory treatment in Japan, or want to find better ways of treating you for a long time beget a child, and face the challenges of old age, I, would like to recommend Honji Fertility Center to everyone.