In Taiwan, about 20 years ago, some girls in the two-decade China’s careless when the unmarried mothers, who because of economic difficulties or limitations in education, resulting in the community believe that raising children is not suitable for groups of one. Modern women of the 21st century the rise of self-consciousness, many single women’s economic and social ability, and even more than men. Most of the time they will spend in the practice of their dreams, until there is sufficient ability to think, but have yet to find time for their other half’s only aware of their bodily functions has been gradually aging, older have more than 30 years old, Can not a mom wanted to fulfill their dreams. Nowadays respond to single women give respect, is not limited to “marriage”, when the license on the economic capacity and social skills, self-education child is capable of independent dependents do. No marriage certificate of the girl, also have the right to have their own children!