My husband and I were both born in the 1970’s, this year is our 10th marriage anniversary.
When we first married, we tried hard to make baby, but all were in vein after a year and half.
My husband and I started the path of pursuing pregnancy. We have been to a hospital in Banqiao, and did fallopian tubes and uterus endoscopy to confirm all my body condition was normal,however my husband was diagnosed azoospermia, and that really frustrated us.
Further exam of testicles sliced ​​surgery also shoewed no sperm state, So the doctor prescribed medicine for my husband, and the second time back to the clinic, the check still showed no spearm state.
Second prescribtion was given, but this time that Dr. said something that made us extremely angry; cure a dead horse as if it is still living. We never went back to that hospital anymore after the incident.
Afterwards we tried chinese medicine for half a year but still not any sign of pregnancy.
Then a friend introduced a urologist, and we had some check and showed that the too few sperm count so can not conceive naturally, So my husband accepted the spermatic vein varicose surgery with continuous medication for 7-8 months, but still no good news. Additionally we went to numerous temples to worship and pray for successful pregnancy.

We found Honji Clinic from internet last year. After reviewing the resume of Dr. Chang, we decided to make an appointment with Dr. Chang. On January 22nd this year, we went to the clinic, and consult with Dr. Chang, originally we only hold little hope, but after blood tests and sperm check, and I was just on fifth day of menstruation. After consultation, we accepted Dr. Chang’s recommendations and medication process, with as little drug injection as possible, the egg retrieval process was also not painful. After two treatments and egg retrieval, two embryos was implanted on May 16th, after 12 days of waiting, finally I was pregnant on May 28th. My husband was extremely excited with happiness. Without the original persistence and recommendation from Dr. Chang, this wonderful result may not have happened. Now eleven weeks pregnant, thank to all the Honji staff memebers and Dr. Chang, care and encouragement were given in full, the faith which we want to have our baby was more confident than ever, and that will bring love and blessing to the new life.

Lastly, we want to say that “Being persistent is easier than giving it up,” and successful pregnancy will come sooner than later.