Mainly, due to my wife’s age, 45, we experienced some infertility issues. Years ago we had Dr. Chang extract the eggs from her and froze them. When we decided to go ahead with the IVF friends recommended to us to seek help at one of the “so called famous and large” hospitals in Taipei. We went to one of these hospitals and submitted our papers and asked them to run the fertilization and implantation for us. After considerable time and after wasting so much resource at the hospital they could not help us. Unfortunately their reputation was exaggerated and their work was not up to standard; the bureaucratic procedures and the hustle we experienced at that hospital were daunting. We came back to Dr. Chang and asked for his help. He graciously took us in and immediately conducted the fertilization and implantation with the utmost professionalism and care. Despite my wife’s advanced age the procedure was a success from the first attempt. We are about three months pregnant now and the fetus is about 3 centimeters in size. You can see the head and some of the limbs.

Not only had Dr. Change provided the proper health care he, in fact, humanized the whole process for us and made us feel at ease. We truly believe we are luck for getting to know Dr. Chang and his team. We are grateful for his suburb and extra ordinary care and professionalism. Kudos Dr. Chang!

S & A
Taipei, July 22, 2016