As a scientist, one of the most glorious moments in your life is the recognition of your research


Dr. Chang was working as full-time scientist at New York University in the United States

in 2001 and published a brand new academic thesis in international journals in 2005

“Developmental incompetency of denuded mouse oocytes undergoing maturation

in vitro is ooplasmic in nature and is associated with aberrant Oct-4 expression”


This essay was published in a famous journal [Human Reproduction],

and Ryuzo Yanagimachi, a world famous expert in reproductive professor,

changed his original idea and concept and sent a postcard thanks to this essay by Dr. Chang.


In recent years, this essay has been cited by nature cell biology as the author of the dissertation,

and the article cited by Dr. Chang is “Somatic cells regulate maternal mRNA translation and developmental competence of mouse oocytes.

” Dr. Chang’s paper is in the 6th position rank for reference in this article.

At the same time, Dr. James A Grifo, who is before colleague with Dr. Chang of New York University,

sent a message and congratulation that Dr. Chang’s research was recognized by the world.


This new essay has been cited by many journals and textbooks in addition to references to nature cell biology in journals,

and scholars around the world unanimously agree with Dr. Chang’s research.

The following is a reference to this paper journals and textbooks


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In just short four years in USA, then published a study that shocked to all the medical community,

Dr. Chang is the physician you are looking for certainly.