Comparison between C-Protocol IVF & Traditional IVF

 C-Protocol IVF Traditional IVF
Medication/InjectionsOnly oral medications required, no injections, only urine test, no blood test3 Injections a Day
Mental StateRelaxed and HappyStressful, long painful process
AnestheticsTotally no anesthetics requiredFull Anesthetics
Number of Eggs RetrievedQuality focused not quantity focusedQuantity Focused
Work/Social LifeDoesn't affect work and social lifeAffects work and social life
Additional SurgeriesNo need for Hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, fallopian tube photographyHysteroscopy, laparoscopy, fallopian tube photography
FeesOnly 2,300 USD for treatmentExtremely costly

Taipei’s Honji Fertility Center provides a high quality IVF service, which is compatible to New York University’s Fertility Center.

The success rate is high. Sixty percent of Honji Fertility Center’s patients are Japanese, traveling from Japan!
Introducing our C treatment ~
It only costs $2,264 USD. per cycle
Medication is taken orally, no needles involved!
We also only need urine tests so no blood tests if you are afraid of needles.
The C treatment is a more natural form of medication when compared to other hormonal stimulating injections. It is less stressful, less painful, and less expensive ~