The story was began from 2019, a Japanese couple who been struggle with infertility problem for years decided to travel to Taiwan and seeking for help and sperm recipient treatment from our Doctor Hung Chi Chang . Somehow YOMIURI TELECASTING CORPORATION : YTV 読売テレビ hear and noticed there have been amont of Japanese couple come to taiwan visit HONJI and looking for Dr. Hung Chi Chang ‘s help. so decided to make a special interview by contact and get permmit from the paitient. However, The pendamic came and stoped the treatment for three years, and  They waited for three years due to the pandemic past, Now finally they get chance to receiving their embryo transfer since the border open, and then they finally get pregnant. Also YOMIURI TELECASTING CORPORATION : YTV 読売テレビ  can finally gether all the details and follow the patient come to HONJI to compiled the reports from the past three years, and this story of the Japanese couple’s journey to seek treatment at HONJI Fertility Clinic was finally broadcasted in Japan in 2023.”

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