My first time to hear about “egg donation” was from my sister. She said that donating eggs not only helps infertility women, but also gets at most 99000TWD (about 3000 USD)nutritious fee. Actually, I was more curious about the fee, because we were planning to study abroad but it was too hard to save that much money by doing part time jobs. What’s more, to donate ovum is a good thing but not hurt your body and illegal. Consequently, we looked up all the clinics about this service. As far as the unknown field was concerned, we were still scared, so we chose the top hospital on website and Honji. However, I was examined under bad condition at that time (oligochromemia), so they informed that I couldn’t donate. In case, my sister did that by herself continually. She made it really fluently so I participated in the egg donation activity on Honji website and waited for the news. It took 13 days of the procedure. Although it was annoying to go back and take a shot every day, you could ask any questions from the nurses, and they would kindly answer them. Thus, I didn’t feel that anxious. Eventually, I deserved the fees that could offer my study abroad. What’s happier, I gave someone a baby.