When Dr. Chang congratulated my pregnancy, he was curious why I didn’t have a general reaction of excitement towards becoming a mother. In fact, I was super happy in my heart, and nearly threw petals and turned in circles. I also knew this was a long way to go and the second line did not mean a smooth sailing from then o
After three years of marriage, I was actually anxious about the process from a 34-years-old woman to an elderly parturient woman, but all I wanted was just to try to conceive a child naturally. Adjusted physical condition with traditional Chinese medicine, and did inspections with western medicine – I did uterine tube photography, so painful inspections that want to curse, pray to God, chant for child, sports and exercise and acupuncture therapy, I tried everything. But the conclusion was that my husband and I are healthy, but the cause for infertility is still a mystery.
Yes, it is inequitable in the world! Some mothers naturally give birth to 2 to 3 children, and still give birth to a little child 7 to 8 younger, but some other mothers cannot get pregnant for years, suffering a lot and being exhausted with overwhelmed cost. In the process of getting pregnant, I definitely had the sense of loss; especially I picked up my courage to do two times of human-assisted reproductions last year, but failed. Over the years, came with the on-time visit of my good friend every month was depression, anger and upset one after another; my elders and friends would say go with the flow and I would naturally get pregnant without pressure. I knew they were in good intention, and I would also say thank you with a smile. However, sorry that the other people just lived their own lives outside the door, and the sorrow to pray a child could be only understood by the women who had the same experience.
But, there are two things in my heart, and the first, an old expression about: “The predestine relationship is lucky to his wife”. Sometimes, the relationship between doctor and patient is also predestined. The doctor who is helpful to others is not definitely useful to me, and vice versa; and the second was an interesting comic book I saw: a doctor in white robe is diagnosing an aboriginal chief, when the doctor shakes his head and says there is no way to cure, the chief pushes a button, and the doctor falls into a hole, and the chief says, find the next doctor. This is just for fun, but sometimes treatment process is just like that. It needs some luck and predestination to find the appropriate doctor.
I saw Dr. Chang’s website when I was searching some data on the Internet; and I went to clinic on the second day of my MC, and after got familiar with my conditions, Dr. Chang asked: “If you want to know the cause or have your own baby? In three years ago, I might choose the former, but in today, I chose the later without hesitation, and received treatment course in that month. Actually I was not so sure about the differences between Nature Cycle Treatment and traditional test tube, but we got the real cheap cost. And latter, I communicated with a lady received traditional test tube before, and she said when she was in test tube treatment, egg retrieval needed to do anesthesia, and shall take many injections in treatment course. You can find the discussion data on other differences on the Internet. I was lucky that I did not take that many injections, four before implantation and every three days to inject progesterone to stabilize physical condition. It was not as terrible as imagined.
Fortunately, I got pregnant only did one time, felt like, in the liquor lottery each year, everyone who came in the company latter than you had won but you, and one time, somebody suddenly said, Wow! Congratulations, you won! You doubted whether it was a wrong name, or could it be somebody else with same name? Not until when the bonus prize into your account did you start to believe that you’ve won! But now, when seeing the heartbeat of baby, I feel a little bit steady and sure, and it only means a prize to me when a healthy baby is born!
My own plan is to have at least two children so that they could be company to each other, so I want to speak to sisters who want to be pregnant, if you do not want to be DINK or want more than two children, I think the age at 30 could be a boundary point. I have hesitated for 3 years, and start to worry about the second pregnancy even though I am in the first pregnancy now! However, with the development of modern medical science, if the famous women writer at 40 could give birth to a girl successfully, then at least we all have the hope too!
But I also want to remind you that you should take care of your physical condition well at first. I believe it is helpful to adjust physical conditions even if it takes time; besides, medical science has its limit. No matter whether the success rate of the doctor is 60% or 99%, it is 100% for the woman who gets pregnant successfully, but zero for the one who fails. Therefore, as an old saying goes, “Do your best and listen to heaven”; when God gives us a health body but cannot promise what we want, how can we rest our hopes on doctor to realize our dreams?
During the course, I want to give my sincerest thanks again for my husband, and it is your thoughtfulness that made me strong, but especially to Dr. Chang, Nurse Zhaorong as well as Dr. Chang’s Team. This is a real experience for me, and you care only in reference. Hope you all have the courage to give yourself a chance, and wish you good luck!

This is the photo taken by my coach when I dived in Blue Cave in Okinawa.

When Dr. Chang congratulated my pregnancy, he was curious why I didn’t have a general reaction of excitement towards becoming a mother. In fact, I was super happy in my heart, and nearly threw petals and turned in circles. I also knew this was a long way to go and the second line did not […]