I’m 32-year-old, and get married with my husband for two years. Although we did not marry too long, I who strongly wanted a child went to Infertility Clinic to do an inspection to exclude the infertility possibility. At that time, the hospital arranged a series of inspections, and the pain of uterus uterine tube photography feared me a lot. I did not expect that only an inspection could attack my confidence so badly. Although the report was not so bad, my whole experience in hospital made me feel I was infertile. I never thought having a child was so difficult for me, so I was so depressed. Suffering from uterus uterine tube photography stepped me back from the Infertility Clinic, and made me feel that cure infertility shall spend a lot of money and torture physically. Later, my friend introduced me to traditional Chinese medicine, but I was still not pregnant over a year. Hearing the pregnant news from my friends and relatives who got married later than me, I had mixed feelings. Every time when I saw children on the street, I could not help myself looking at them. The dream to become a mother could only be realized in the dream.
By some strange chance, my mother-in-law gave my husband a paper of report from Dr. Chang’s “Natural Controlled Cycle Method”, and in that moment, due to the unpleasant experience, I did not take it seriously and I did not admit I was infertile. But then I thought, No, I had to be active, or with as I grew older, the dream of being a mother was more distant. And then I went to Dr. Chang with my husband on March 13th. Dr. Chang told us that we did not need any inspections. The treatment was medication based and supplemented by injections, and the cost was only the half of traditional treatment. He gave a brochure named “River of the Soul”, and gave me confidence and hope. My husband and I quickly decided to take test tube treatment, and carry out a week of treatment course, medicine, injection and ultrasound wave to track follicle. On March 22nd to extract egg. The egg retrieval process did not need to anaesthetize and felt no pain at all. I took the implantation on March 24th, and felt nothing for it. I left the hospital after rest for 3 hours, and made an appointment for pregnancy test on April 8th. Felt no pain during the treatment, but what suffering most was to wait for the pregnancy test. It suddenly occurred to me the brochure that Dr. Chang gave to me, and I felt enlightened after read it. “Anxiety arises out of one’s own subjective existence. It’s normal that there are frustrations, failure and misunderstanding in the life, and a positive person sees the best in every situation and uses her energy to bring solutions to life’s challenges. Success comes easy if you believe in.” Finally, it was on April 8th that I knew I was pregnant, and Dr. Chang took hold of my husband and my hands, and said, Congratulations! Words could not convey how delighted I was, and I did not need to envy others because I got it to myself. Thanks to Dr. Chang and Medical Team for their profession and diligence to let me get rid of infertility treatment and shadow, just as Dr. Chang said, I could successfully reach the destination even if I chose plane, the fastest transportation.