Every month I thought I got pregnant, but everything seemed to go wrong, and this was my real marriage life of the second to third year. Each and every concern around my friends brought us pressure. I really did not know the reason by receiving uterus photography, ovary cyst drainage, artificial insemination, etc., but all failed. I have even started to visit famous doctors recommended by the Internet, and they suggested me to receive an operation to remove my chocolate cyst, thereby suitable for test-tube baby treatment. But I hesitated, inhibited, unsure that if the operation would hurt my normal ova, and then the odds for pregnancy were very slim. Then I decided not to receive the operation and undergo the first test tube course. With six injections and a cost of NT$ 20,000, I never thought I only had one ovum in the eighth egg retrieval day, which made me unable to cry. I pushed myself to no purpose, and if not receiving the six injections, I would also have one ovum. More frustrating was that the doctor told me that I missed the chance to implantation as the embryo stopped dividing at the appointed day in hospital. The news was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky, and though talked with doctor, but he did not care and said, “As you are living in Taichung, you could rest for one month and then receive the treatment. But I was sad for a long time.
Thought about turning into an elderly parturient woman, I became more active in searching relevant information in the Internet, and later found successful cases from Dr. Chang’s Blog and newspapers. More important was that Dr. Chang’s treatment course does not involve numerous of injections, with painless egg retrieval and few but fine ova to conceive, which rekindled my faith. Then I started my test tube treatment course. Follow Dr. Chang’s prescription and suggestions, and with the helps of Dr. Chang and his Medical Team, I never regretted my decision to receive test tube treatment under his direction although failed to conceive in the first time. That Dr. Chang’s unique concepts and team’s dedicated services made me more relax. In addition, Dr. Chang sometimes taught us medical knowledge, and I felt grateful to not obey other doctor’s advice to receive an operation, which was really unnecessary as the chocolate cyst would be smaller along with pregnancy. If planning to undergo a test tube treatment, what you should do is just to get pregnant.
Therefore, in the second test tube stage, I have followed Dr. Chang’s instructions to take inositol and DHEA, got a relative fine ovum. A blastula was formed for four ova implantation in the fifth day, and I finally got two lines in five successive pregnancy test kits at the end of September. At that moment, I couldn’t believe that I got pregnant. Although the result should be shared after three month in customary fashion, I really hardly waited to inform my families of it, and my hard-won baby was coming. Looked at the little blastocyst in the fifth week, and heard his clear heart beats in the seventh week, I was so moved! After underwent all of these, I realized that I could be a normal mother, shared the Love Crystal with my husband. So, again, we appreciate your super medical skills as well as your cordial team, and I wanted to shouted, “Dr. Chang, you are the best! It was you that saved me from those two-year sufferings. You are the savior and hope for infertility patients. Although you are so modest to encourage us to be good, but without your helps, we are unable to have our own babies that fast! You’ve been a lifesaver. Thank you for your time.
I want to tell infertile couples that you should believe you could have babies, and if not, the only reason is that you have not found a right doctor, who could save you from unnecessary suffering and lead you to your dream. That is Dr. Chang!
Taichung, Xiao Shan