Egg Recipient Process

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 Donor egg IVF processRemark
Make a reservationPlease contact the clinic for the first appointment through phone call, email, or apps.
Phone: +886-2-23921920
Line ID & Wechat ID: honjiivf
First appointment does not need to correspond to egg recipient's period cycle
Documents to prepare1.Local ID cards of both husband and wife
2.Passports of husband and wife
3.Marriage certificate
4.A verification of marriage certificate from a local Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
5.A recent blood test report of HIV and VDRL (Syphilis)
6.Complete a four generations of direct relatives sheet
First visitUpon arrival, it will take about approximately 5 hours for the first appointment:

● Fill in basic information
● Blood test, Vaginal ultrasound
● Sperm inspection and sperm freezing
● Introduction to procedures of egg recipient
● Fill in the letter of consent of egg recipient.
Then bring the letter, as well as marriage certificate and verified marriage document to the notary authority for authentication*
● Consult the doctor
● Prescriptions
● Payment
(Please refer to"medical treatment fee"page)

*Private notary | Chongqing United Office Address: 7thFloor, No.121, Sec.1 Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

Tel: + 88622388-8688 (ext. 35)
Pair up and examinationAfter pairing with egg donor, the pairing information will be sent to the Taiwan National Health Department and the reviewing process will take about a month. After the reviewing process is done, our clinic will begin the egg retrieval treatment of egg donor.
Implantation cycleAfter egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo cultivation, and embryo freezing is completed, recipient can start the implantation treatment cycle. Recipient shall receive blood and vaginal ultrasound test in local clinics or hospitals, and with the use of medications advised by our clinic to help the body reaches an appropriate state for implantation. If recipient could stay in Taiwan during implantation cycle, then our clinic will examine the body condition until implantation.
Implantation surgery

(Wife come to Taiwan for 1day)
Procedures of implantation:

1. blood test
2. Sign the letter of consent for implantation
3. Embryo condition explanation by lab technician
4. Implantation surgery (about 5 minutes)
5. 30 minutes rest after implantation
6. Prescriptions
7. Payment
(Please refer to"medical treatment fee"page)

* Embryo slices and chromosome check (PGS) is optional. Please contact our clinic for further information.
* This clinic does not provide surrogacy nor adoption services.