To Honji Fertility Center:

I am a American from California, and the professor of Arts Department in university.
With the expectation for the first child, I write down this letter to share my experience.
About one year ago, my wife and I decided to have a baby. Like most people, we tried hard in the first few months, without any consideration of infertility. We searched on the Internet and asked others, and were told there shall be several months to get pregnant. However, after six months, we started to doubt “why still not get pregnant?”
After consulting our family doctor, he required us to take several blood tests. The result showed everything is normal, and we got the reply of “keeping trying”. But there was nothing after another several months, so we adopted the positive action ― to contact with the artificial reproductive institution through our health care company. After getting known of our conditions, they suggested us to take some certain vitamins, and the seminal fluid examination. I never smoke or take a bath, but drink a little, exercise everyday, with regular weight, so I am confident to my sperm!
After an hour, the result astonished us, that the seminal fluid examination showed: There is no sperm! Zero! I felt as being knocked on my head, and completely did not know what to do, but to find the infertility doctor for help.
The doctor asked my wife to take the ultrasound examination (to check whether there is ovum or not) and me to take a seminal fluid examination again (to check whether there is anything wrong in the first examination or not). The ultrasound result showed that my wife had almost ten normal ova, and my second seminal fluid examination showed the same as the first report ― zero sperm!
The depression covered me, and all the burden came to my shoulder ― I am the crux of not having a child for so long time!! At the sam time, I understood that the American infertility doctor had not paid much attention to the infertility caused by the male reproductive system after visiting the doctor. According to the treatment of most doctors, I also required to take the ultrasound examination of testis to check whether there is any problem of duct blocking.
The ultrasound examination had no practical help to me, and my doctor did not give me any explanation, thus I decided to find out “whether there is one sperm inside of me?” I immediately arranged the testis section, a kind of invasive test using a large needle to extract few testis tissue to confirm the existing of sperm. Just as the pain it brought, the result showed the exist of mature sperms comforted me somehow, but there was no way for those sperms for the ovum fertilization.
Two months later, my wife asked the families in Taiwan to seek for a reliable artificial reproduction institution in Taiwan. Although I doubted, I also chose to believe there profession and maintained the positive attitude ― we still have the chance to have a baby.
In Honji Fertility Center, my wife received the routine artificial reproduction treatment: blood test, injection, and ovum retrieval. I also prepared to get another painful testis section, but Doctor Chang suggested me to receive a natural sperm retrieval! I stupefied told him there would not be any new founding, because I had twice seminal fluid examination in America! Doctor Chang still insisted, so I accepted and received the sperm retrieval. When he told me there was one mature and health sperm found, I surprised: How could it be? It must be a great coincidence! And when Doctor Chang asked me to get one more time of seminal fluid after half hour, I was still dubious.
When I was thinking about the fact of one sperm in my seminal fluid, Doctor Chang told me that, there lab team found another four available health sperms, thus, I did not need to make the painful testis tissue! I got known that their lab team spent three hours to find my sperm, comparatively, the American lab personnel just spent 25 minutes! It changed my idea. The profession and dedication of Honji Fertility Center exceed that of American hospital! I was mingled hope and fear, hoping the Taiwan team of Doctor Chang could help us to have a baby, and fearing the doctors of my hometown seem to be more interested in gaining more money in the endless examinations, which made me feel that I am just the number on the medical card!
Waiting for the pregnancy test result of my wife with some anxious and relieved feelings, I write down this letter for the team making me know that I am able to create a baby ― the professional doctors and staffs of Honji Fertility Center.

Attached with our loves and thanks

Professor X