I am 32 this year (in-service nurse at Northern Medical Center Pediatrics Department), and have been married for three years. In the eyes of everyone, I was young and could try the natural conception. But suffered from endometriosis, I received two abdominal operations three years before due to chocolate cyst, left a 10cm scar on my stomach. Remembered my attending doctor’s words during the second operation that I had a serious endometriosis adhesion, with edema in uterine tube, I might think that I was unable to conceive thereafter; after the marriage, we have measured our basic temperatures as suggested by the doctor, visited Chinese doctors, and even followed the fortune teller’s advise, but all failed and felt depressed; when I was unable to conceive naturally one year after the marriage, I also tried to search for a examination in the infertility clinic of our hospital. As a medical worker, with knowledge of the treatment course, heard the doctor said: “As you were unable to conceive naturally, we’d like to advise you to receive test tube, and being a medical worker, surely the injection doesn’t mean much to you?” For this act of examination, I was scared from traditional multi-needle tube treatment, and unable to be fully prepared to receive such kind of treatment
Until May of this year, I was in trouble at work, and thought of finding some things to distract my bad feelings. At that time, my husband asked me whether I cared to a doctor he said last year, to decide if receiving test tube treatment after visit. Dr. Chang requested us to make injections at the same day and there came my test tube treatment course.
Remembered the first time to visit Dr. Chang, felt he was so young and gentle. And he promised us that we could get pregnant certainly. We were so stunned when we hearing what he said, and felt that the doctor was so confident, and thought he might just cheer us up and give us confidence, so we not took his words seriously!
Due to the poor function of my ovary, and after experiencing more relaxed nature cycle test tube treatment course, we had five fertilized ova. At the implantation date, Dr. Chang led us to observe fertile embryos, and selected four suitable for implantation. Before, Dr. Chang told us, “You are confirmed after four times of inspections today, and good luck.
At the date of pregnancy test, I finally saw the two lines in the pregnancy test kit, and I could help but pleasantly surprised. My husband even looked at the two lines in the pregnancy test kit for over 20 minutes. With the help of Dr. Chang’s, we realized our baby dream.
When Dr. Chang Team found that I had the progesterone only in 16, he had taken an emergency make-up, to maintain my blood progesterone in a stable value, providing an ideal growing environment for my baby.
Although I was so lucky for my first implantation, I really wanted to thank my savior —Dr. Hung-Chi Chang, and thanks to his Nature Cycle test tube treatment course, which made me more relax to fully cooperate with trust. Also like to thank Dr. Chang’s team, and I would never have patience to complete my treatment course except for your cares, patient instructions and all-out helps.
Thanks a lot to Dr. Chang and his Team! Hope my shares would bring a fresh feeling to you, and recommend Dr. Chang to more people in need, thereby to realize your baby dreams.