【45 Years Old, Taipei City, in Technological Field, both husband and wife are devout Christians】

Speaking of trying to have a baby, it was a process teeming with tears and anxiety, which could not be easily understood by those who never experienced infertility. Fortunately, despite weariness, disappointment, and lots of frustration, we had been guided and soothed by God. As 1 Peter 5:7 says, “…casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.”
Introduced by the pastor, my husband and I as the devout Christians met each other 20 years ago. We had a happy marriage except for one thing that we had not born a baby for 15 years after getting married. Since then, having a child had become our dream and goal. We used to travel to Taichung in the second year of our marriage to seek help from a famous doctor who treated infertility. After the medical examination, the doctor proclaimed that the motility of my husband’s sperm was weak and that the number of eggs of mine was way too few. Even so, the possibility of conceiving a test-tube baby through a traditional treatment urged us to treat infertility in there. Unfortunately, this experience about test-tube babe ended with withering embryos and abortion, even the second try in the same hospital didn’t turn the table. With much disappointment, we were advised to consult traditional Chinese medicine and nurse our health. My husband and I thus went to two renowned Chinese medicine clinics which claimed to be the authority in the field of infertility treatment and took the liquid-form Chinese medicine while keeping praying for a baby given by God. But there was no sign for any good news. The changing attitude of our relatives and friends from being earnestly concerned for to being careful not be pressure us made us feel sorry for them and for ourselves.
Before long, I was over 37 years old. Recommended by a good friend, I went to see another famous doctor specializing in infertility treatment in Taipei and tried the treatment of test-tube baby for twice and artificial insemination for once. Later, the doctor told me that I was diagnosed with serious adenomyosis which needed a surgery and that I had to get pregnant within the half year after the surgery or the chance of pregnancy in the future would be little. I followed the doctor’s instruction to undergo a surgery and, during the first six month after the surgery, a treatment of test-tube baby, which, however, also ended up with failure. At this time, the doctor directly declared that there was little opportunity for me to get pregnant.
I was thinking: maybe I am no longer able to have a baby and bear a child for my husband’s family; why does God try me like this and give me such life experience? What did I do wrong to deserve that? I kept questioning God and myself. It seemed that, except for praying, the only thing left for a 40-year-old lady like me was adoption. However, my soul still longed for having a child who looked like my husband.
After being quiet for a moment, I knew it was time to make a decision on adopting a child. Even though my soul felt deep regret, I could do nothing but give up any treatment. It was the moment when a good friend in abroad called and informed me her pregnancy. She who was over 40 years old and had suffered from infertility for 10 years encouraged me with her miraculous pregnancy and shared with me her experience in natural cycle IVF, through which the eggs could be collected monthly with light medicine stimulation while our work and daily life would be completely unaffected. The egg collection required no anesthetic. After fertilized with the husband’s sperm, the collected eggs would be developed and frozen in a blastula and then implanted in the womb during the proper time until the accumulated eggs were enough. It was incredible for me to witness such living example since I had never heard of this kind of treatment. The friend of mine even warmly invited us to go abroad and stay in her home for the treatment. But considering the long trip which might affect our work, we decided to stay in Taiwan and my husband started to look for such treatment in Taiwan on the internet. Finally, we found a clinic providing the treatment in Taipei, which was Hongji Fertility Center!
Later, my husband and I attended the monthly explanation session held by Dr. Zhang at Hongji Fertility Center to learn the “black-hair-and-white-hair theory.” We also consulted the doctor about the rate of pregnancy for a patient diagnosed with adenomyosis and received a positive answer from Dr. Zhang who encouraged us not to give up nor leave regret for our lives. With such encouragement, we began to undergo the treatment.
First of all, the doctor evaluated my age as well as the quantity and quality of my eggs and found that these eggs were in poor condition in quality since only 1~3, sometimes even none, eggs could be collected. Even these eggs would be conserved and developed into a blastula, their quality would remain at poor level such as CB or CC. Afterwards, the doctor suggested me to consider the method of egg donation. After a few moments of contemplation, I decided to take the opportunity to continue the bloodline of my husband’s family. If my eggs were no longer available, why not accept a donor egg? Feeling love and care from my husband, I with a sincere heart trying to return initiate my treatment. During the process of treatment, what worried me most were the problems of adenomyosis and edematous fallopian tubes which might affect the environment of the womb where an embryo implanted and hatched. But Dr. Zhang solved all of these problems with his professional knowledge and techniques.
Thanks to the efforts made by the medical members of Hongji Fertility Center in the treatment of donor egg, I benefited a lot from their care and professional consultant service during the whole process from the legal procedure at the beginning to the outcome at the end. By now, I have conceived a baby for 12 weeks and am going to “graduate” from Hongji Fertility Center. My life experience evidences what Matthew 7: 8 says, “For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.” Thank you, Lord! He who in my hard time leads me to meet the right person prepared for me opens another window in my life.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances.” Adhering to such principle is such a difficult thing for a person who encounters dilemmas. Even so, I have tried to break through and been encouraged by Dr. Zhang who has advised me to yield strength from ceaseless praying. Dr. Zhang often reminds me to entrust the reproductive medicine things to him and entrust my pregnancy to God! The 2-year-and-10-month experience of getting along with Dr. Zhang teaches me how to be thankful as well as enriches my life and leads me to believe in God more! Praise the Lord! Amen!