Intrauterine insemination is a kind of attemptable infertility treatment method before IVF treatment. IUI consists of sperm washing, namely place washed sperms into a soft tube, and inject to uterus through women’s cervix uterus. The ideal condition is to carry out IUI when ovulating (especially for male infertility treatment) or in 6 hours either side is ovulating.

IUI is completely painless, similar to Pap smear. However, the success rate of IUI in each cycle is less from 6% to 26%. The recent research has found that the birth rate of IUI and natural intercourse is relatively equal. This finding has seriously affected the value of IUI as assisted reproductive technology in clinic. For this reason, if still not being pregnant after post-coital test, shall receive IVF directly, to reduce the time and cost of IUI.