Give thanks to Dr. Hung-Chi Chang:
My wife had never been pregnant since we had been married for 15 years (84~99). I did dialysis due to renal failure (13 years of hemodialysis and a successful kidney transplant 2 years ago). In these 15 years, I did two times of failed artificial insemination, and also went to both traditional Chinese medicine hospitals and western medicine hospitals, but no progress. I did not expect to have any child at the beginning, but I saw a report about Dr. Hung-Chi Chang on the Internet, and the content was about how Dr. Hung-Chi Chang used the scientific “Nature Cycle Treatment” and “Simple Stimulating Treatment” to let the infertile women get pregnant successfully. So I registered on March 5th, 2010 (the second day after MC), and particularly took high-speed train from Taipei to Taichung to see Dr. Chang. After several ultrasound and blood tests, Dr. Chang arranged the COH on March 18th and the implantation on March 20th. My wife obtained 4 ova, and three were successfully implanted (Dr. Chang said two were good split). On the morning of April 4th, I bought the pregnancy tester and tested at home. Looking at the second line that had never seen before in the past 15 years, my wife and I were about to cry happily, but we still wanted to be 100 percent sure. On April 6th, we went back to the clinic and took blood test to confirm the pregnancy. The excitement and happiness could not be expressed in words. The process to be pregnant was not as painful as we thought, only ten injections (ovulation injection and progesterone) from the registration to be pregnant. And COH and implantation were also not painful (because my wife is very scared of pain). My wife did tubal examination before, and the pain was far more she could bear. The friends said the process of test-tube baby as very painful and hard, not to mention having more than 50 injections. But my wife did not feel the situations as my friends said during this period, maybe it was exactly the difference between traditional test tube and Dr. Hung-Chi Chang’s Nature Cycle Treatment. What my wife had felt was the abdominal distension during the pregnancy (perhaps due to physique sensitive). Both my wife and I are not good at expression, and in this very thank to Dr. Hung-Chi Chang and all his staffs. Must thank you in here me, was laborious! With your hard work and persistent efforts, our dream came true.