Doctor Chang consistently encouraged me to not give up
The piggy bank plan helped me be pregnant!
What we need to do is living happily
And the matter of pregnancy shall be handled by Doctor Chang!

Hello, everyone, I am Ms. Chang from Taipei
My husband is Canadian
We two have met for over a decade, and been together for about 7~8 years
4 years ago, we had an experience of extrauterine pregnancy
Since I had the extrauterine pregnancy
I suppose my body condition is fine
And possible to be fertilized successfully
However, after we tried for 2 years
I still could not have a baby
Then my husband and I started thinking that we should go to see doctor
To check whether there is really something wrong or not
So we went to several hospitals
Including a famous medical center in Taipei
And, I remembered the first time we went to the famous medical center in

We waited there for the doctor, and saw the doctor got so many injections
Every patient brought many injection home
So I felt scared
And I sighed
Then the doctor said: You’d better take the examination next time
And that visit ended in haste
Thus, for this reason, I never went to there again
After that I went to another famous reproductive center in Taipei
At that time, a famous medical center in Taipei suggested to take a

For the reason of the extrauterine pregnancy before
My left fallopian tube had been removed
Although the right fallopian tube exists, I do not know whether it is

blocked or not
And the doctor there suggested me to take a hystosalpingogram
However, the machine of another famous reproductive center in Taipei was

also sent to repair
It shall be sent back after one month
So I asked: What can I do now?
The doctor of that famous reproductive center said: It’s OK, we can do

some sports firstly
Then there were some sport lessons arranged for me
Sports could make the body suitable for fertilization
And because of this, I went to other clinics
I once went to a famous clinic on Chang’an East Road
Where I also waited for a long time
Waiting for about 3 hours, I finally saw the doctor
But the doctor checked roughly and in a hurry
And said: You’d better come again in next week
Without any detailed examination
The last place I went was another famous reproductive center in Taipei
And the doctor was quite renowned
I received twice artificial inseminations there, but both failed
Then the doctor drew my blood for examination
When the result came out
He told me that my AMH value, namely the ovum quantity is very low
Roughly just 0.5
What does 0.5 mean? He showed me a table
And said: 0.5 means you may enter the menopause one more year later
Then you may not produce eggs
He suggested me that
There should be the metal preparation for having no baby
Unless you borrow other’s ovum, you may have the baby
I felt very sad immediately
But we are firm
And I thought: There must be a chance
Later, my sister introduced Doctor Chang to me
Because my sister is the nurse of Koos Hospital
She made some researches before
And she knew Doctor Chang had helped many patients of the condition like me
To give the test-tube baby, or artificial insemination
So, I came here
At that time, the clinic just started the business
And I received the procedure of test-tube baby since last April
Doctor Chang said that at the beginning
When I told Doctor Chang: I went to a famous infertility clinic in the

And they told me I would soon be unable to have baby
Then Doctor Chang said: You are pretty young in fact
So it is not that bad
He said he would help me have a try
And we should be confident
He also said that AMH is just an index
Which could not represent your ovum quality is bad
And there is a good ovum, there is a chance of success
So he gave me much confidence
Then my husband and I started to do something to get the ovum from that

time on
For the reason of AMH value, my ovum quantity was few in every month
Only 1 to 2 per month
And even not one sometimes
Until last November
I finally got 3 ova
And my husband and I could not wait to implant
Doctor Chang said: So we can implant in January
And before the implantation, he could keep getting some ova for me
So happy we were, and we took a vocation
We went to Australia for half a month
After we came back, Doctor Chang helped us to get the ovum
And there were 5 ova at one time
Thus to relax the mood is really important
And the 5 ova acquired in that time turned out that there were 4 ova able

to be implanted
Doctor Chang carefully implanted for me
And he told me he found a very good place for implementation
He is really skillful, with the “magic hand”
So he implanted where he said was easy for implementation
The result turns there is one succeeded
I am now at 13~14 weeks of pregnancy
And we take some examinations
It shows the baby is healthy
So far
We really thank Doctor Chang
And my husband thanks him too
Will you want to say something?
I think I could understand your feelings
I know this process is very long for us
Since we met each other, we always want a baby
And I think there are some friends around us in this condition
The friends with this problem shall go and check early
To avoid waiting too long like us
Because we thought that I had extrauterine pregnancy before
There shall be no problem in natural pregnancy
So we wasted much time
And I think it it better to be positive
Secondly, there is one saying from Doctor Chang that I feel it is

completely right
You are yourself, and it is good that you have your happy life
The rest shall leave for him
Thirdly, if you have any problem
You shall consider to travel to Australia
It works
We sincerely thank Doctor Chang
There is no problem
In the whole process, Doctor Chang encouraged me a lot
You could not give up, and you shall cheer up
And when he got known of my pregnancy, he almost cried
So that is to say
We know this process is painful
But under the natural cycle therapy of Doctor Chang
We do not need many injections, or worry about the burden to our body
If we adopt the traditional test-tube baby method
You may receive many injections, to get many ova
But the quality is not good
And it would increase the burden of your body
And the quality of your ovum is bad
So the chance for fertilization would reduce
Over the half a year
Doctor Chang helped me to get the ovum, which he called the “piggy bank

Because my AMH value is low
And the ovum quantity is few
While my age increases
So Doctor Chang suggested me to get more ova
And make the implantation
It would increase the success rate
And in the future, as I still have 3 ova frozen
After I have this baby, I have another chance
And after 2 years, or 3 years
The quality of my ovum would decrease
But I have some ova frozen
And the success rate of implantation would increase
Some other doctors just get one ovum and implant for you
But the success rate of one ovum for implantation is quite low
And for the women in the process
They may feel sad for the unsuccess
And it costs much money
While Doctor Chang advocate the natural therapy
And he does not want us suffering much pain in the process
So we indeed think Doctor Chang is nice and here is good
If you really want a baby
You shall be positive and do not give up
And give yourself confidence, then you would succeed