Doctor Chang handled the ectopic pregnancy successfully without the laparoscope operation or general anesthesia! Safely maintained the baby in the uterus! It is great!

My father-in-law is the only boy and has four sisters
While my husband is the only boy and has four sisters as well
So I was afraid to marry him
But I have confidence to my body
Since I had my menstruation in Grade Six at primary school
The menstruation is regular, almost 26 to 28 days
And there is not much menorrhalgia
It usually would not delay, and there is a problem if delayed
The menstruation amount is also good
So I have confidence to myself
And there were 5 years passed
We decided to get married in the age of 35
As I like the child
I am the Occupational Therapist of Children
So I contact with children everyday
And everyone knows me know I like children
When I just started this job
My director asked me that, how many children you want in the future
I told him, I want four
My parents have five children too
So I like the feeling of many people at home
Since we got married, we started to try
Before the wedding, we went for holiday
To Hokkaido for vacation
We decided to get married in February
And the wedding ceremony was selected to be held in May
So we had two months for preparation after the hotel ordered
But we went for holiday in March, to Turkey
Because one of my alumna went to Turkey, and got pregnant
So I went Turkey too
And we counted the ovulation day, but there was nothing
Around the wedding day
There was my ovulation period
So we also tried, and wanted to achieve double happy events
And it would definitely be a great happiness, but the result turned to nothing
Because those two months making preparation for the wedding were tired
And my husband wanted to thank me
He arranged the honeymoon
To Bali Island after the wedding
In this process, I had started to measure the basal body temperature
After we came back, I reviewed myself
Because I had tried hard for half a year
Just as studying
You endeavored for half a year, but you got nothing
So I started to find the reason, and I asked my friends
Then, I doubted
I began to study my basal body temperature
There was some one knowing more than me
Explained the curve of basal body temperature to me
So I found, my high temperature period was short
And I tried to take the traditional Chinese medicine
I went for Doctor Yang of traditional Chinese medicine
He is famous, and you should hear of him
So I visited him
I do not like to take the powder of traditional Chinese medicine
So I took the liquid medicine
And it is expensive
Every time I went for the medicine, there must be two or three thousand of New Taiwan Dollars
Besides, since I work in the hospital
The relation of Doctor Yu of gynecology and obstetrics department and me was good
Every month around my ovulation time
I went to check the size of the follicle
When I saw my follicle, I stayed
Because I felt it may be my baby
I thought I shall record it from the ovum
And then we shall think that
Is this the problem of the man?
In fact
The month after we married, in May
There was a free health examination for Taipei citizen
We went for the examination within one week
In Jen-Ai Hospital
Because to ensure there is no problem in him, I shall work hard
And, the result showed, his activity, and sperm quality
Other indexes are OK
And another half year passed, there was still nothing
My obstetrician and gynecologist
Namely the obstetrician and gynecologist of out hospital said
Well, let’s improve the hit rate
That is to take the ovulation medicine
You are normal, one left, and one right
One left, and one right
It is regular, and ovulation in every time
And the size is OK
What we can do is to improve the hit rate
To let you ovulate more ova, and there may be more chances
So I started to take the ovulation medicine for the first time
Since December of 2010
Cooperated with the small white ball plug
But not succeeded in the first time
I do not know whether you have filled in with the small white balls or not
It is terrible
Two white balls plugged in from your downside
And you have to move, so it would be wet there everyday
Something sticky and white
But it did not succeed
After over one year, since December of 2009
I started to try to have baby, and there were two years
I did not succeed to be pregnant
So I studied more
And found that, even there is the perfect follicle and perfect ovum
It did not work if it could come over
So I went for the hystosalpingogram
This was also a very terrible experience, I did in Maokay
In April of 2011, I received the artificial insemination for the first time
Because the doctor told me
Although its activity is good
You do not know whether it can reach there or not
And it shall be useful when combined in one third of the fallopian tube
It would be nothing if it could not reach there
So, he said: let’s carry it there by helicopter
That time cost me NTD 17,983, and 6 injections
And we got 5 ova from the left and 2 ova from the right
To de the artificial insemination, and the artificial insemination was a bad experience
I do not know whether you have had it or not
My husband told me his feeling
He said: I do not think I am the father
Since it was his sperm
But he cannot get in when implanting
It was just I opened
And he put the sperm in
So he felt that, he is not the father
Although it was carried by helicopter
Well, it did not succeed in the first time
Someone in the Internet said there shall be three times successively
So I bravely did it again
In the second time, I did again in September of 2011
And the doctor changed the medicine
Adopted the “Gonal-f” and “Puregon”, adding “Crinone”
And this time cost more money, over NTD 20,000
Received 5 injections, and got 7 ova
4 from the left and 3 from the left, but it still did not succeed
In July, I plucked up
I came to natural cycle center of Honji Fertility Center
In the first time I came to see the doctor
I took my 29 sheets of basal body temperature table
With the record of which day we had sex, and which day I did not take the traditional Chinese medicine
There was record for what I did every day
Then, Doctor Chang read it
And seriously told my husband and I
You could not be pregnant
He told me: You could not be pregnant
In fact, since I visited the doctor for so long time
He is the first one told me: You could not be pregnant
When he told me these words
I did not cry, not even one tear
I was just a little dissatisfied, and a little angry
And a little …
I just wanted to say there were dozen of doctors, and no one told me these words
And recalled all those pictures
I treated so many children, but I have no such good fortune
Don’t I deserve to have one baby?
So I bet with him
I came here for his honesty
And did my first course of treatment
The first course of treatment surprised me
Because it was relaxing
I got four injections, one injection every other day
And I took 9-day medicine
Then, I entered the ovum retrieval process
So, compared to
The previous things like “Clomid”, “Puregon” or “Gonal-f ”
I thought it was more relaxing
And, those injections were good
In the use
However, I just got one mature ovum
And in the second day, I received the call
Told me there was fertilization, but the abnormal fertilization
So, I failed
And the process of ovum retrieval was
Another reason I selected Honji Fertility Center
I am medical personnel, and I know that
There is high risk for the general anesthesia
And you shall ask one-day leave for the general anesthesia
As well as more time for the physical recovery
So I was afraid of the general anesthesia
Because I heard that
After the ovum retrieval of general anesthesia
It is very painful when waking up
However, Honji Fertility Center attracted me for without general anesthesia
And, tell you secretly
Doctor Chang had brought me to see others ovum retrieval secretly
And gave me a little psychological preparation
Let me know what it would be
Just like a vagina ultrasound examination
And the needle goes in and gets the ovum
So I thought at that time
This method was acceptable by me, so I did it
And on October 29, the second day of my menstruation, I came here again
To start my second course of treatment
Actually, it needs much courage
You shall come after you prepare well
Because each time is an impact to your body
As well as great mental pressure
So I decided to do it here
Because I could not accept other places
Firstly, it is relaxing here
The time is short
Secondly, when I received the first course of treatment
The time I revisited just included
The second day of my MC
The tenth day
And the next time is for ovum retrieval
The process between these days I could handle by myself
And the husband shall be there in the time of ovum retrieval
These are all the things we should do
And my task of the stage was completed
After the ovum retrieval, I shall just wait for the call
To know our sperm fertilization condition
In this way, I feel it is acceptable in the time spending
And in the second time
I received more injections, every day there was an injection
Totally 8 injections, and 8-day medicines
And, it smoothly got 7 ova on November 7
This time was good
In the second day, there was a call told us the 7 ova were fertilized
And started the fission
In the third day, he called to tell me that
They prepared to freeze them
And I had something to do
Previously, Doctor Chang had mentioned to me
About cultivating to the “blastocyst” stage
I made the research, and I thought
I wish to cultivate to the blastocyst stage
Namely at least 120 cells
So, the success rate shall be higher
But I shall bear the risk
That means, there were 7 ova
But there may be no one if cultivating to the fifth day
Because it is difficult to cultivate that long time
It needs the powerful laboratory skill to achieve
Luckily, I got 2 Grade A blastocysts
The 2 blastocysts were frozen
After one month, on December 7
I received the implantation for the first time in my life
There were 3 frozen embryos implanted, including 2 Grade A blastocysts
Actually, I wanted all four implanted
After discussed with them
We eventually implanted 3
In my schedule, they told me
After 12 days, there was the pregnancy test on December 19
I rested for 2 days after implanted
At home, which made me feel comfortable
Previously, I usually went to work immediately
That day I got up in 3 o’clock in the midnight for the pregnancy test
Because I wanted to pee in 3 o’clock in the midnight suddenly
When I sat on the closestool, you know my mental stress was great
When I sat on the stool, I suddenly waked up
I thought, if I peed now
And I did not want to pee when getting up in 6 o’clock, what shall I do?
I shall not test the pregnancy
Besides, my colleague told me
And the nurse also told me that, it shall be the first piss
The most concentrated is the best for test
So I thought, it is just 12 days, and it shall be the most concentrated urine
Thus in 3 o’clock in the midnight of that day, I sat on the stool
I considered for several seconds and decided to test in the midnight
In the quiet and still night
After the test, I was frightened at the beginning
Because it was still one line
So I was stunned
Completely blank in mind, just stunned
And then: alas, fail again
But after a little bit
I was ready to stand up, and tried to test again
When I was ready to stand up
Faintly, there was another line
So I ran to wake my husband and said
I seem to succeed
Then, on that day
I came back to draw blood
For the result, I had studied
If it is over B-HCG 300, it is confirmed to be pregnant
And mine was B-HCG 1151, which was definitely pregnant
But Doctor Chang told in a low voice that
There may be 2
Or 1, or 1 bad
However, for me, it was all good news
Actually I was happy
Well, to ensure I was pregnant
Till the night of December 25
I felt very uncomfortable after off work
I could not sit or stand
Eat or sleep, actually nothing I could do
It was very very very tired … It was very tired after working all day
Lying down, but sit up after a while
I sat on the coach for a whole day
In fact, I appointed to revisit that afternoon
But I was really painful and could do nothing
And my husband could not help, for exhausted too
Since I pained for whole day
In the early morning of the next day
I called Honji Fertility Center
And Doctor Chang happened to not be here
He would come back in the afternoon, because there was visit in the afternoon
Although he was not here, I still came in the morning
And thanks for the care of the nurses
They opened the ultrasound to check for me under phone directions of Doctor Chang
And found that there was one blastocyst inside
One fertilized inside
It was so painful because of the uterus pulling
But I did not back home, for it was really painful
I decided to wait for Doctor Chang
Even I went to upstairs for rest, I could not fall asleep
I read the Buddhist Chanting, because I could do nothing else
So I waited …
Till 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Doctor Chang finally came back
He tried to find carefully
To search the painful point as I said
And finally found it
There was one ectopic pregnancy
In the left fallopian tube
For me, my test came again
My basic medical knowledge came out
I contacted with my colleague on the phone
To ask them to arrange a ward in Chang Gung for me
And they told to go there quickly if I really hurt
Because it shall be treated immediately if ensuring to be the ectopic pregnancy
Since it was in the fallopian tube
If it was too big, it may explode
And one of our colleagues was for this reason
She could not have a baby any more
Well, we were planned to Chang Gung
But Doctor Chang suggested me to NTU
And, it was hurting so much
Suddenly, Doctor Chang said
Because I said it was hurting so much
And it was 4 p.m. and nearly 5 p.m.
The large hospitals would close soon
Doctor Chang told me: Let me help you handle it
What would you choose if it is you?
My basic medical knowledge told me
If you go to the large hospital, it is the same
If it confirms, you shall do it again
To test your B-HCG
It may be over ten thousands, so there may be more than 2
What would they deal with it?
They shall remove it with endoscopy
And he would give you anesthesia if with endoscopy
But there was another five-week embryo inside
Well, blastocyst, who shall help me protect that one
After I got anesthesia, there was how many chance
I do not remember
That blastocyst may not be there
Or if you are lucky, it is still there after two weeks
But you could not ensure that, for the blastocyst of such few weeks
Under the anesthesia, there may be some genetic abnormalities
And on the other end of the phone
The nurse of our hospital called me to go to Chang Gung quickly
And there was arranged well
But Doctor Chang told me: Let me help you treat it
So, I said: OK, you help me
Yes, we made a bet, and removed it
In fact, I was blamed by my colleagues later for this matter
Because they think it is the gamble with life as stake
Namely, the stuff not normal
Not the stuff you can find on any book
So they think you take an adventure
But I want to say, if I did not take the adventure
The one inside would not be here
Thus, this is my baby
It was in the 13th week, able to take the 3D
And it was the dynamic 3D
And this was done in Honji Fertility Center
In the 9th week
See, the 9-week baby could move
And it tried to turn over
So, now it is almost four months, but I still feel uncomfortable everyday
When I feel uncomfortable, I get this and see it
I would feel, OK, well, I would hang in there a little more
It is probably like this, and I am happy to share with and encourage everyone
I hope everyone tries hard, thanks

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