I got five injections in total during the treatment course…. At the date of pregnancy test, I felt very scared, and the second line was slowly emerged after 20 minutes.
We have been married for over three years, and as the only boy in his family (Taichung County, Qingshui), I was more stressed for not having a baby. At the beginning, I tried blood test, ate ovulation stimulators as well as figured out easy pregnancy periods, but all failed. After constant examinations, I was found to have a hyperprolactinemia in the second year, and started to take relevant medicines accompanied with ovulation stimulators. One year past, I was diagnosed ovarian cyst, and then the doctor gave me two options, one for uterine tube photography, and the other for laparoscope. I chose the laparoscope treatment later, and was found bilateral uterine tube dropsy. After another operation, the doctor suggested us to conceive naturally, and if not, receive the traditional test-tube baby treatment.
Under the impression, traditional test-tube baby was expensive with many discomforts. With a success rate not being one hundred percent, the traditional treatment courses usually requiring 2 to 3 injections a day with a total of 50 to 60 and plenty of side effects. The first time when I knew Dr. Chang’s innovative Nature Cycle Treatment was from a sheet of newspapers in kitchen, and thought I would never resort to test-tube baby treatment, then, just got dumped. As the time went by, I still had not gotten a baby, and started to consider the test-tube baby treatment. Following what I could remember from the newspaper, I visited Dr. Chang’s Blog, and saw many successful shares, which gave me an idea of trying. Due to not familiar with the differences between Dr. Chang’s Nature Cycle treatment and traditional test-tube baby courses, my husband and families all disagreed with me. And they also told me that a famous actress was diagnosed with cancer due to a long period of test-tube baby treatment. Therefore, they suggested me to take Chinese medicines for recuperating, but those Chinese medicines were useless to my uterine tube dropsy.
On 9/25, we chose to try the Nature Cycle Treatment at the beginning, and I got five injections in total during the treatment course, without any special discomfort. In the 10/6 egg retrieval process, I was well aware of that the only discomfort was vagina cleansing and disinfection. I felt sour when in egg retrieval process, and three eggs out the six retrieved were in good conditions. I got the implantation in 10/8, and waited for test.
At the date of pregnancy test, I felt very scared, and the second line was slowly emerged after 20 minutes. My husband, always opposed my decision of receiving test tube treatment, became very anxious and kept asking me: “You’re pregnant, really?” The second test carried out half an hour later, with the second line showed very slowly, my husband was more nervous than me this moment, and took me to the hospital for blood test…… The fact was confirmed at 10/22, and I got pregnant, with a pregnancy index being 206.08. Heard the news, my husband, the one whom was being cold and unresponsive to the nature cycle test-tube baby treatment course, looked more excited than me.
Today is my seventh week revisiting, and I feel so happy when I heard my baby’s heart beats. And in the next revisiting, I am about to obstetrical examination. The whole test tube treatment course was fast and relax, with a total cost only being about NT$ 50,000, which has completely changed my opinions on test-tube baby treatment. As often said by Dr. Chang, “As we found follicles and the normal uterus through vaginal ultrasonography, and sperms of your husband under microscope, what other examination would you need? Get pregnant now!”