14 years ago, I (Sanxia in new Taipei City) met my husband in the Mainland, and married with him in Taiwan by leaving my hometown. We had lived a happy life here, but I was unable to get pregnant maybe because of being not acclimatized. Early in the second and third year of our marriage life, in order to have a baby for my husband and my parents-in-law, I began to visit various kinds of doctors for help. Then I was diagnosed as ovulating dissolution, namely non-ovulating and not grew up to mature at the beginning. Therefore, I received ovarian stimulations for a long time, and tried six artificial fertilizations, but all in vain. Later found adhesion in right fallopian tubes through inspection, and received laparoscopic surgery as suggested by the doctor, but it didn’t help. I afterwards turned to Chinese medicines for a little while, and decided to receive test-tube baby treatment in the year of 2005 in Beijing. However, doctors there told me that my fallopian tubes were in serious adhesion and distortion, therefore… I again underwent another laparoscopic surgery, also in vain. I was back to Taiwan in 2006 to receive four times of test-tube baby treatment at a famous hospital the central region. Pregnancy indicators of mine at the first two times could be tested (the peak was soaring high over 800), but they were all shrank naturally. And the doctor suspected if the effusion within my fallopian tubes that affected embryo growth, as a result… I eventually received the third laparoscopic surgery by cutting the right lesion, along with two test-tube treatments, but all failed. At that time, I knew nothing about those surgeries, but now, understand that new adhesion would appear after each surgery; therefore, these three surgeries only brought me sufferings instead of any help.
My families have provided me with lots of supports during the treatment courses, and all pressures were actually from myself. I felt guilty to my husband and parents-in-law because in traditional view, married with a man but unable to bear him a child was unacceptable. Thought about these, I was too afraid to back to Taiwan. To be truth, I was ready to give up at that period, as suffered such pains. However, when saw disappoints on his mother’s face though she said didn’t matter, I felt very guilty. By a chance, a cousin friend of my husband’s brother introduced Doctor Chang to me, at that time, Doctor Chang returned home from abroad and promoted his natural cycle test-tube treatment in Taichung’s China Medical University Reproductive Medicine Center. Then harboring an attitude of simply trying, I made the first clinical visit.
On the first visit in December, I found that Doctor Chang was out of the ordinary, light-hearted and humorous, which made us more relax and sparked. After entered treatment course, I felt quite relaxed, with less than half ovarian stimulations as compared with previous medicines involved in traditional treatments.
Later, we adopted frozen embryos for implantation (fresh embryos implantation failed) in February, and I got pregnant in March! However, in view of bad experiences before, none of this made me feel better or nervous, and I was also afraid that the situation soon became nearly as bad as before. I didn’t tell my husband’s mother the news, and hided all in my heart.
Saw my baby’s heat beats in 3/30 for the first time, I was super excited, and couldn’t believe it. Even in the third month, I would also touch my stomach and said: “There, you are really in there?” My husband also told me to be more relaxed during the whole course.
In October 28th, 2010, my little girl was born being 2800 kilograms, and I waited for her so long…
Now, I have a busy life, busying for my little girl. Seeing satisfied smiles on my husband and mother-in-law, I really could have a complete family.