Natural cycle IVF is unique in that it is the most natural IVF method. Instead of adopting drugs which are used to stimulate ovary to produce several ova, it only collect the ovum naturally formed in every MC cycle. In general, no drugs shall be taken in the second day of MC to ovulation day, but to take GnRH nasal spray the night before ovulation to promote ova to become mature. This method has fewer burdens for both body and money, but it is not easy to control ovulation day. This ovum is the best one which female body can produce (even with IVF drugs), with the biggest pregnancy probability. In general, the female who is likely to select natural cycle IVF prefers this natural method which is closest to natural conception.

Natural cycle IVF is the ideal choice for the female who cannot produce abundant ova even with a large number of IVF drugs due to age or poor fertility. Natural cycle IVF can avoid side effects caused by a large number of drugs, a huge amount of drug fees and the discomfort and fear caused by daily necessary injections. Furthermore, during traditional IVF treatment process, the treatment may be probably rejected or the treatment course may be probably canceled due to unable to produce more than 3 to 5 ova. In Honji, we make a customized treatment just for you to ensure that you would not be rejected due to fewer ova.

The disadvantage of natural cycle IVF is that it cannot freeze extra embryos in every cycle, because each cycle only produces one embryo in general. In fact, there are many women want to preserve some frozen embryos for next pregnancy. In this case, it is an obvious disadvantage for natural cycle IVF, but we can freeze several embryos in the first cycles and adopt fresh embryos in the first try to get pregnant to overcome.