In occasional chance, I saw Nature Cycle Treatment on the website page of China Medical University Hospital, I was very happy, feeling like having a new hope. So I searched relevant information on the network, and went to Dr. Hung-Chi Chang’s clinic next day to know what the concept of Nature Cycle and Simple Stimulating was.
Remember when I first came to Reproductive Medicine Centre, after simply asking me about my situation and explaining the treatment process, Dr. Chang said, “Do you believe you can success once?” I thought for a moment, and I could not help my tears falling down. It seemed that all unknown sadness was rushing to my mind and I wondered it was possible? Was that so simple and easy? Four to five-year infecund life tortured me, and I tried many ways and ate many medicines, but came with disappointment, pain and despair again and again. My husband and his family were very considerate of me, and persuaded me to think positively, which made me feel I was lucky, no pressure from family. But for me, only a family with a baby was complete, so I had never given up and not willing to give up so long.
When I first went to Dr. Chang, during half of the inquiry, Dr. Chang wanted me to wait because he had to get ova. I thought I had to wait for a long time! But I was surprised it only took less than ten minutes of time. Oh, my God! How quickly it was! In Tradition, does ova retrieval a big project? And it also needed to anesthesia, how it could be so quickly. Not mention that person walked outside by herself to rest on the bed, and it seemed like she was suffering no pain at all. In the past, I only did artificial insemination because I could not overcome the anesthesia fear and risk to obtain ova for test-tube baby and to take many injections. I was moved when such simple and painless method was in front of me! I went back home and discussed with my family, and they all very supported me to have a try, therefore, on March 17th, on the sixth day of MC, I started to injecting Gonal-F, and after taking a few of injections, went back to take the photo of ultrasound on March 22nd to track follicle situation and its broken time, and went back to take blood test on March 24th. But there was a small situation which there was a sign of ovulation. In order to be prudent, Dr. Chang asked me to take blood test every four hours that day, totally 3 times, and the exact time of ova break was confirmed. I started to be nervous, however, I was much relieved when Dr. Chang told me that he would solve it. Fortunately, COH was carried out smoothly on March 26th. The process was really the same as what they said before: only a little bit tingling, less painful than injections. I took 10 ova that day, and the process was a little bit longer, although I could feel the pain more clearly at the last, I felt better after resting for 30 minutes.
COH is really simpler and less painful than tubal photography, and I am really impressed!
Fertilization condition and implantation time of sperm and ova can be sure the next day after the retrieval. It usually carries out the implantation in the third day. But due to me had many fertilized ova, so I chose natural selection to select the most excellent one. At last, the implantation was carried out on March 31st, and the embryo had developed into the blastocyst stage. It was my first time to see that and I felt it was amazing! I thought in my heart that if it was successful, that would be the original look of the baby. I did not have to go back to hospital to take blood test until April 12th, and during this period, what I needed was to continuous replenish progesterone. I tried to rest in bed as much as possible after came back home to wait for the result. Finally the moment was coming soon, and I was so nervous that I could not sleep well before the day! I was afraid the more I wished, the more disappointment I would feel, so I kept telling myself to keep a normal heart, but it was hard! My husband asked for a leave just to accompany me to see the result. I was so nervous when I entered the clinic! I was so happy when Zhaorong made a victory posture! Finally I did it, and this was the first time I heard that I was pregnant. Oh, my God! How unbelievable it was! Five-year of pain was just cured in a treatment less than one month.
Extremely thanks to the help and encouragement of Dr. Chang, Zhishan and Zhaorong, together with staff in Reproductive Medicine Centre. They were really so busy and worked so hard every day, because many things for them were so urgent and could not be delayed. However, they were so great and not afraid of hard work to help us infertile and helpless people, and our success was the biggest encouragement for them. I truly hope people who suffer infertility can realize there has such humane, less painful and less expensive way. After all, people have suffered enough psychologically, why the body also has to be tortured by such pain? Come one! The way to success is right ahead. I wish everyone can suffer less and success more in the way to have a child.

The finest embryo of blastocyst stage achieved in the 5th day Nature Cycle vitro treatment