For me, a woman with a 15-year history of infertility, the road to get pregnant is suffering, and it is also mentally and physically exhausted to suffer each unreasonable check in hospital. I have given up having children long time ago.
My husband is the eldest son, long irregular life, drinking all day, not enough sperm motility. I am very grateful that my mother-in-law does not put pressure on me. I have done two times of artificial insemination. Many people, including my husband, ask me to do test tube, but I am unwilling to, because I think it is unnatural. If God is willing to give me a child, I will naturally have one, not to mention I will not definitely have one if I do the test tube.
An accidentally opportunity let me be acquainted with Dr. Hung-Chi Chang. On September, 9th, the first to see doctor, my husband was late, and Doc. Zhang murmuring: why he is late. I wandered it needed both pay out to get the doctor’s attention on infertility problem. Dr. Chang said: he is an expert in infertility, and the technologies he researched in New York University from 2001-2007 advanced Taiwan more than five to ten years. He asked me: what were in your mind when you were 18, 19? I looked at him confusingly. He continued: at that time, you were dreaming of finding a good husband, forming a happy family with him, and giving birth to a baby for him. He also said: according to birth rate, there were hundreds of thousands of baby were born in one year, and there were tens of thousands were forced to leave (induced abortion). Was getting pregnant simple? Yes. He continued. If getting pregnant was the purpose, then did chocolate cyst matter? The smoothness of fallopian tube was also not the most important. What the most important was the true combination between ovum and sperm. The approach of Dr. Hung-Chi Chang was to use normal cycle to take out ovum and sperm, fertilize them and implant them, and the fee was only half of traditional one, no pain (This was very appealing to me). And then on September 9th, the seven day of the cycle, Dr. Chang quickly decided to start injection after seeing the follicles, three times of injection and 5 pills in total. I was surprised that I agreed in such a sudden situation.
So I was back to the clinic the second day to track the progress of the follicles, which was not the same with general test tube. (My several nurse friends are curious about the progress and medicine, I had not done test tube before, so there was nothing to compare). On September 15th, the 13 day of the cycle, used nasal spray – Supremon (to break ovum); and on September 17th, the 15 day of the cycle, adopted ovum and sperm. Adopting ovum without anesthesia had terrified the staff who were used to the traditional treatment. But I had a trust, not nervous but supported Dr. Chang in the heart. I felt pain when adopting the first ovum, and the following feeling liked injection, but less painful than injection. I had three ova in each side, but only adopted two ova. I could go off bed after the completion. The nurse asked me whether I was painful or not, and I smiled and said it was fine. Everyone was relieved. (I hoped I could be aware of every action that the doctor was doing for me, and this kind of pain was within the scope that I could accept)
Here, I give my grateful thanks to Dr. Chang and all people in the lab, as well as Meng Ling’s assistance. We complete a pioneering work. Dr. Hung-Chi Chang he valued doctor-patient relationship, and he would explain processes and reasons for me to understand more about infertility. His patience and humor kept me feel good throughout the examination process.
On September 18th, I made a call to ask about fertilization, and it turned out that both ova were fertilized. We made an appointment to implant on September 18th. Dr. Chang showed me the embryo on computer that day, which had split into four cells. When implanting, Dr. Chang even took an ultrasound photo of uterine for me and pointed out the implantation position. Dr. Chang particularly asked me to have a good rest at home and asked my husband to be more considerate, no lifting heavy objects and no running around. On September 23, took blood test to test luteal value; and on September 24th to see the report. Some values were more than 40. Wait 14 days for pregnancy test.
The cost of the first menstrual cycle was only less than half of the cost of general test-tube baby under Dr. Chang’s help, and this had rekindled my desire for getting pregnant.
On October 2nd, took blood test to examine HCG, confirmed the pregnancy!!!
Just in a short period of 23 days, without suffering from the pain of traditional treatment, Dr. Chang had realized my 15-year dream to get pregnant with less than half of the cost of traditional treatment!!!