Sperm Donation Flow

1.Make a phone call or go to the hospital for sperm donation registration and appointment arrangement.

2.Bring along with ID card, personal seal and 2-inch photos and go to the hospital for filling in relevant information and the letter of consent.

3.Arrange for health assessment (blood test and semen examination).

4.When showing normal in report, the donator shall go to the hospital for donating semen, with an ascesis period of 3-5 days.

5.Return to the hospital for the second time donation, and receive nutritional fees of NT$ 4,000 after sperm freezing.

6.Wait for a revisiting for blood tests of AIDS and syphilis after six months.

7.Receive nutritional fees of NT$ 4,000 after showing normal in report.


Sperm Receiving Flow

1.Arriving for registration and receiving sperm donation. Fill in basic information sheet and the letter of consent.

2.With certified health certificate to the Household Registration Office for applying a relative sheet concerned four generations of direct relatives, as well as the letter of consent to a notary authority for handling notary matters.

3.Wait for matching, and submit the relative sheet and letter of consent as soon as possible.

4.When a suitable donator appeared and after paying nutritional fees and relevant charges for the donator, the recipient shall wait for letter reply and entering into test-tube baby treatment course after verified by governing authority that there is no kinship between the donator and the recipient.

5.When in menstrual period, enter into test-tube baby treatment course at revisiting.

6.Egg retrieval

7.Embryo culture for 2 to 5 days

8.Embryo implantation

9.Wait for test result.

Download>>Regulations for Verification on Kinship of SpermOocyte Donors and Receptors-104 3 3