My wife and I had suffered several traditional artificial reproductive surgeries, and my wife finally got pregnant this time with the help of Doctor Chang’s exquisite reproductive technology of natural cycle.
Our condition is somehow special, because my wife is not young (40-year-old) and I have the problem of sperm retrieval (congenital absence of ductus deferens), which is heard to be a difficult case. In the course of treatment of Doctor Chang, the first step was that my wife received few ovulation injection stimulation and ovum retrieval without anesthesia; second, Doctor Chang personally did my epididymis sperm retrieval without anesthesia or surgery; then, the sperm and ovum shall bind to the fertilized ovum in the laboratory and grow to the blastocyst about five days, and finally implant to get pregnant. No matter the ovum retrieval or sperm retrieval, although there are some pains and prickings in the epididymis sperm retrieval process, it is within the bearable range, while many previous traditional operations (North Operation Center) need the general anesthesia and reduction period of several weeks for recovery, but in the treatment method of Doctor Chang, there just needs to rest 30 minutes and you can walk home, then recover to normal person after about three-day recuperation (without strenuous exercise)! And this is the key factor that we choose the natural-cycle reproductive technology of Doctor Chang!
There were twice failures in North Medical Center by the traditional test-tube baby treatment. The traditional treatment is that the wife shall receive many injections (over ten injections), and eat many medicines. Those pin holes and side-effects of the medicine, and the risk of possible breast cancer in the future for the large amount of ovulation injections, all make the body overburden and painful, and we rested for several years before starting the attempt again.
With the excellent quality control, few but accurate medicine in the early pregnancy, and data control of Doctor Chang and the lab team, my wife finally got pregnant this time. In the moment we heard the heartbeat of the baby, we understood the deep meaning of life! And it enlightens the karma would come magically in an unexpected moment!
We hereby thank for the top technology of Doctor Chang and great care from Honji lab team, who usually take care of our embryo overtime till midnight, without rest in weekends. We hope you can get some help from our experience sharing, and everyone could achieve the dream of happy life!
Mr. Z