Conceive a baby is the most natural thing in the world, and married for five years, friends around used to joke that we didn’t “make enough love”! After the marriage, we once tried many inspections as suggested by famous doctors, including the unbearable “hystosalpingogram”, showed we got incompatible humors. Then we are suggested to receive artificial or test-tube treatment course! Nurses in the commentary chamber explained relevant artificial and test-tube treatment courses and charges to us, extremely commercialized. Left alone my husband’s strong opposition, I was also deterred by these complex treatment courses involved in a traditional test-tube treatment.
My husband is a person that believed the fate, and always comforts me for not worrying. We used to try various kinds of praying methods, such as driving to Kaohsiung for Chinese medicines, adjusting bed space, kowtowing “Songzi Niangniang” in every temple, posting little and cute baby pictures, or receiving injections, having sexual life regularly, measuring temperatures and such that for natural conception. Although my husband was in favor of the natural conception, as MC came every month, he finally agreed to receive three times of artificial fertilizations until this year, but all failed!! We were really scared, and thought the “test-tube” treatment might be the final straw.
My husband had argued with me that he would never accept the invasive “test-tube” treatment because he knew traditional test-tube treatment course was really suffering! He always said the two-person world was also perfect, but saw him playing happily with three children of my brother, I really wanted to realize his baby dream. Under the recommendation of Doctor Lin, I knew that Doctor Chang just returned from abroad, brought with a fresh new natural test-tube treatment course, and decided make the first clinical visit in July. Waited for a long time in F2 for vaginal sonogram, I was found by Doctor Chang and informed to F7 Reproductive Center for time saving. Felt that Doctor Chang thought for patients, with confidence, I became very assured! Then he gave me a book named “I Wish You Well” wrote by Master Sheng Yen, which made me wondering about the fate between “Buddha and Science”.
Showed Doctor Chang’s name card and said to my husband when backed home that the natural cycle treatment is featured by a. rely mainly on medicines instead of injections; b. without a lot of injections; c. local anaesthesia while in the process of egg retrieval; d. not affecting work and normal life; e. with a cost being half of traditional ones. After taking a good at Doctor Chang’s card, my husband agreed to try as thought the kind of treatment course conformed to his vision! Even after the implantation, I talked about seeing embryos in the test-tube with him in the car, and my husband was puzzled and asked, “Shall we receive the test-tube treatment?” I really couldn’t help but laughed, maybe because the so-called effects of prayer, and he should agree, ha-ha!
I had received only five Puregons during the treatment course, with six ova, and Doctor Chang said they were all in good conditions as four were fertilized, with my uterus intimal thickness being 9.8mm. Then he uttered, “You must be pregnant this time”. Many sisters waited in consulting room were all excited and yelled, “I want; I want it too”, and I really hoped so! In my natural cycle treatment course, I exactly received small amounts of injections, and felt more relaxed while in egg retrieval ~ just a little sour. Observed follicles of mine retrieved one by one, I suddenly felt very magical. Even after the egg retrieval, we went to see a movie and then rested in the hotel to reward ourselves!
At 10/4, the “implantation day”, when entered in the operation room, Doctor Chang explained the real fertilized ovum development and division: the first in 100 score, the second day in 100 score, and slowed down in the third day!! Slowed down?? Blanked out then, and Doctor Chang continued to say that in general, these ova shall divide into 6~8 cells with greater chance of success, but as shown in your division graph, we only had Splinter Cell 4 *1 and Splinter Cell 5*3 for implantation. After having recovered from shock, I asked, “What’s the chance of implanting today?” Doctor Chang said, “30%!” And explained to me that he would like to suggest me for waiting several days if I was young, but we have to carry on it now! Due to my good intrauterine environment, we started to implant! Although I was still cared about the division in the operating table, thank you Doctor Chang so much for making a right decision!
The toughest moment was, the two-week waiting after the implantation. During that “super long” period, I tried hard to not affect my stomach when got up, avoiding of laughing out loud, even sneezing. I just lied on the bed until in 10/18, the “pregnancy test date”. However, I couldn’t wait the day before, and brought a kit for testing. As showed one line on it, I thought I failed again! Then I told my husband the result, and this optimist just made a pot of tea, by saying, “Just forget it!” At that afternoon, my husband took me to the Taichung Port for diversion (Doctor Chang said afterwards it was terrible! ha-ha, you thought woo much!), and we just watched the sunset, and ate some sea foods for fresh. Asked by families in the next day, I could say is, try hard to make again!! The most important thing I could do right now was having a good body! Moreover, Thought of dying color on my white hair, I brought DHEA and inositol at Ruichang after work, along with another test kit to reconfirm; in the morning of 10/19 (II), thought of if there existed any miracle, or else just a wasting of another kit * until the second shallow line appeared gradually, I just couldn’t believe it! Did miracle really happen to me? To be prudent, I asked for 2-hour leave for blood test! ~ Until Yanqi called me later for congratulation!! Said it was not true, as I used to joke with her during the treatment course! And she said, “I would never joke with you for this ~ you really got pregnant ~”
The miracle of life was heard your own baby’s strong heart beats!! Doctor Chang asked me to find my own pulses, but because of so nervous, I couldn’t find any! Probably because my heart beats were too loud that muffled the sound of my pulses! Then the nurse beside me helped to find them. At this moment, strong heart beats of my baby came from the ultrasonic equipment!! Doctor Chang asked if they were faster than my own heart beats, and that were my baby’s. How wonderful it was ~ there were two kinds of heat beats in my body (one from me and the other from my baby), and I was totally moved!! I was very grateful to Doctor Chang and every beautiful and dedicated nurse in the Reproductive Center. You are really excellent, and I can share these here with everyone now.
Doctor Chang, together with all nurses and heroes in the Reproductive Center, thank you so much, and you help us achieve a more fulfilling life. Saw my baby shape at the ninth week and four days, with bright heart beats, dancing around, I was so excited! I made it! Every beautiful and dedicated nurse, you have worked hard, thank you! From the hand-drawing cell division graph (even worked in the holidays), to every hope, I felt that under Doctor Chang’s guidance, you took real good care of us. Once Nurse Xiaoling gave injections to me at the operating room, I felt her hands was really cold, and later knew that she was weak when involved in menstrual cycle! Make sure to take care of yourself after work! And I definitely hope to deliver this good luck, happiness, together with positive energy to every mother and father-to-be.
“Try” again, regardless of the success or failure or not ~ Give yourself to Doctor Chang and the Reproductive Center, and you will get good news!