We couldn’t find any reasons for infertility so we didn’t take a treatment until 30 something and naïvely thought we could naturally have a baby in the future. However, it never happened. We eventually stepped into the road of infertility treatment.

If we figured out the reasons for infertility and cured it, maybe we could normally have a baby. But the infertility was unreasonable, so we stupidly take the IVF treatment and microinjection. In the first hospital, I had done microinjection for 20 times. The doctor said I got a lot of eggs which were also in good quality. Moreover, it was certain that the pregnant testing showed positive many times, but I couldn’t get into pregnancy and was always abortion in the beginning. Although I took the examination of habitual abortion, it still resulted from nothing. At this moment, it was hard to find other results by the same treatment. For searching other therapies, we went to see the famous doctor in Kutakyushu. Receive the GIFT treatment, by putting the combination sperm and ovum back to the fallopian tube. By Shinkansen, we took 6 hours to Kutakyushu under the treatment but also were in vain, positive abortion again.

Afterwards, the doctor suggested us to do IVF in Japan and, at the same time, went to Taiwan for egg recipient. At that time, I had done egg retrieval infertility treatment for 15 years, over 30 times. My body couldn’t stand with egg retrieving time by time anymore, so we decided to use the last frozen eggs without confusion.

Therefore, as taking treatments in Kutakyushu, we also went to Honji clinic fertility center in Taipei, Taiwan to prepare for egg recipient on February in 2015. On April, implanting my last frozen embryo gave us positive reflection, but failed in 8 weeks. It was on November that I was implanted the embryo by the sperms from my husband and the egg donation. It resulted pregnant successfully. The pregnancy lasts till now.

However, the experiences of alternative abortion made me fearful every day. In previous time, it’s almost impossible for me, so I was so worried that it would be very dismayed because of the abortion. In case, my mood went up and down. I expressed myself to Mrs. Liu in the Honji clinic. She supported me in the combination way between gentleness and strictness. From now on, it got into the steady period in 5 months. Even though there are still several days until getting birth, I would lead a happy live in positive and active ways.
Thanks for Dr. Chang Hung-Chi and everybody in Honji and the doctor in Kutakyushu who suggested me to Taiwan for egg recipient. For the egg donor, I am deeply grateful for her. Thank you very much. After our baby safely arrived, our family totally 3 people want to go to Taiwan to see Dr. Chang and Mrs. Liu. Taiwan has absolutely become another hometown to us.

Honji: the patient got a daughter in 2016.