If we were born in poor technological era, we weren’t parents. We were really thankful for the doctor and staffs in Honjo clinic. We have our own baby.

The case of Premature Ovarian Failure (POF), 33 years old, in Honshu, Japan

“I was so happy that I had a baby because of Honji! I felt grateful for Doctor Chang, all the staffs in Honji and the donor of the eggs.” said contentedly of a lucky mother.

I married at the age of 26, but getting treatment of infertility in Japan at 30. In five years after marriage, my husband was dispatched abroad. Also, we saw pregnancy as a natural matter and didn’t force to do so. However, at the age of 30, we started to consider getting pregnant and consulted the doctor.

When I found out my menstruation stopped early, I regretted that I wouldn’t go to the doctor earlier. As living in the countryside, there is no appropriate hospital. We continually found several hospitals. Finally, we spent over 5 hours going to the hospital and had been taking treatments for over 1 year, but we always got the egg vacuoles. It was too upset to do the treatment anymore. Many doctors suggested that, for POF patients, it is better to buy eggs abroad, but I just listened and not put in mind, because I still wanted to use my own eggs. However, I regularly realized that it’s probably impossible to have a baby with my own eggs, and wondered whether received the egg donation or adopt a child or not. My husband likes former, so I became an egg recipient and took a treatment.

In March, I participated in the meeting hosted by Honji clinic in Osaka, Japan, and I decided to go to Taiwan owning to the expenses. After listening to the presentation from Dr. Chang , I was so touched. He looked at me with positive eyes and certainly shook hands with me, which made me hopeful and powerful, so I determined to have the treatments immediately. My parents and husband also agreed with it.

We prepared all the application forms, such as family tree chart, marriage certificate, ID, and so forth, and went to Taiwan to do the first diagnosis in the end of April. It was too complicated to prepare those papers, but we made it successfully. While Honji clinic was tidy, comfortable and pretty, Dr. Chang and nurses were kind. I felt calm and was ready to get into next step. What’s more, there were several Japanese nurses in the clinic, so I felt more comfortable in the new surroundings. Therefore, I fully recommended Honji to everybody. By the way, Taiwan is near Japan, people are hospitable, and the foods are delicious.
I asked for several conditions of the egg donors and they showed me some information. I decided at the spot and flew back to Japan.

The matching examination and egg retrieval surgery were successfully brought about and the numbers of embryos were as many beyond our imaginations. In my opinion, the donor had to take the medicines and injections which might have a few side-effects and be uncomfortable, so I was really thankful for her. Then, the results of my PGS examination was finished which show that three in four of my eggs were normal. The implantation period from April to June ran on wheels. What’s better, my endometrium was thick enough to implant the embryos on the day we had scheduled. Unfortunately, a typhoon hit, so I was worried about the cancel of my plane. However, the nurses from Honji e-mailed and called me to concern about me. Thankfully, I finally arrived at Taiwan.

On the day of operation, two of the embryos checked by PGS implanted into completely, and then we went back and took care in the hotel.

I had led an ordinary live and worked normally for 14 days after the surgery before pregnancy test. On the morning of pregnancy measurement, it was the first time in 33 years to see double lines in a pregnancy test kit. My husband and I were so happy that we were jumping and hugging together!

In detail, I was implanted two embryos and one of them was successfully nidated. After I certainly got pregnant, I went to the clinic in Japan and e-mailed Honji about the condition of the baby every week. The nurses in Honji told me how to take the medicines and injections. We were not too anxious because Honji always replied the mails quickly. Although it was really hard, of course, it was unavoidable and my husband gave shots for me, which made our relationships much better.

Hurray! It was 12 months of the pregnancy. I graduated from Honji!

I would take good care of the baby in my belly, and hope to get an energetic baby. Because my pregnancy was much harsher than other, consequently, I would be cherish and love it more. Although it was not my own eggs, when I thought of my beloved, my maternal love was like fountain erupting to the sky.

The issue about egg donation/recipient is controversial, but, as an experienced egg recipient, I was glad to choose the treatment. It was totally true that we had gotten a baby. Nevertheless, if we were born in the time without advanced medical technology, we would never have baby. Thank you for everybody in Honji.

If you have the similar case, you can refer to my experiences. Thank you.