Thanks to Dr. Hung-Chi Chang:
I live in Kaohsiung, and I am almost 30 this year. I never thought of giving up having a baby, but I never thought I would be infertile.
My husband and I were childhood sweethearts, and we have known each other for more than 20 years, and been in a relationship for 8 years. In these 8 years, we all thought to get married if I was pregnant. And we were in appropriate age to get married 8 years later, so we decided to get married, but at that moment, it did not occur to me that I could be infertile, because we were still young.
Not until I was still not pregnant after one year of marriage did I started to be nervous. I went to many hospitals and traditional Chinese medical hospital (all pay myself and very expensive) and I even ate folk prescription (still expensive). My husband comforted me and told me that it was my huge pressure, and the doctor said that I was still young and took it slowly. At last, the inspection of tubal photography found that fallopian tube had adhesions, and I also did laparoscopic operation, but failed at last. In the third year of the marriage, I occasionally saw the report of Dr. Chang, so I decided to go to Taichung to see Dr. Chang.
I went to the clinic for the first time on March 10th, took 6 injections; went there for the second time on March 15th and took 2 injections; and the third time Dr. Chang told me to do COH on March 19th, so I had to go back to take HCG. The fourth time on March 19th, I only obtained 3 ova (probably my ova began to age, but Dr. Chang comforted me and said even if there was only one healthy ova, there was still a chance to success). The fifth time on March 22nd, I did the implantation and took some progesterone home (a little bit painful). April 6th was the day to reveal the result, and it turned out that I really got pregnant. I never had such luck to achieve success at one time. This was the completely new day for both my husband and I, because we had been looking forward every month for the past ten years, but only failed again and again.
Look back the entire treatment (3/10-4/6), the most difficult for me was to go back and forth between Kaohsiung and Taichung. I only felt a sudden of pain when taking injections, and the entire process was comfortable for me, at least I did not have to take 50~60 injections like traditional treatment, especially everyone in the team of Dr. Chang was so nice and patient and soft that I never met before. I really want to thank Dr. Chang for me to leave the misery. The money I spent on medicine for 3 years was enough for one tube test. How I wish I could meet Dr. Chang earlier so that I could suffer less pain. In fact, I was doubtful about the “Nature Cycle” in the beginning, but it proved to me that I actually met my savior. Thanks for the hard work of Dr. Chang’s team. Thank your for letting me be a mother finally. I eventually understand what Dr. Chan had said to me at the first time, “Pregnancy is very simple”, and I wish you success.