The reason why I went to Dr. Chang was because I was scared of pain. So when we saw the introduction of Dr. Chang on the Internet, we immediately drove from Hsinchu to Taichung to see Dr. Chang. Remembered the first time to visit Dr. Chang, felt he was so young and gentle. We told the doctor that we’ve been married for eleven years, and I was about to 38-year-old. Dr. Chang promised us that we could get pregnant certainly. We were so stunned when we hearing what he said, and felt that the doctor was so confident, and thought he might just cheer us up and give us confidence, so we not took his words seriously!
When the doctor saw at the bad shape of sperms in the inspection report that my husband did before, he recommended us to do test tube. I took the first injection of menotropins on the tenth day of MC in the hospital. The schedule was a little bit late because I went to hospital several days later after my period ended, so the doctor found only one ovum was big enough when he checked whether the ova could be extracted, as a result, I had to take another menotropins. Actually egg retrieval on that day went on fast and smoothly and finished in about ten minutes, no anesthesia, no pain but a little bit depressed and sour. But because there was only one mature ovum, we had to look another bigger for back up. But at last there was only fertilized ova could be used, and we actually a little bit blamed the doctor why to do it in a rush. Was the probability even lower? But I did not want to freeze the fertilized ova, so I forced myself to do the implantation. The implantation was carried out quickly, and no pain at all.
We knew that the success rate of test-tube baby was very low, and we only had implanted one ovum, so we didn’t have great hope for it. We did not believe it when we saw two cross lines appear in the pregnancy test kit, so we made an appointment with the doctor to test pregnancy with blood test the next day, and it turned out I was really pregnant! I talked to the doctor, “Doctor, I was so impressed on your technique! And I felt I was so lucky.
Dr. Chang has always emphasized innovation and has many his own thoughts, for example, he does not recommend to do the inspections that are little helpful. Different people have different views. But only inspections we did in some infertility Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic in Hsinchu were countless, and we had no idea what the inspections for, but actually cost a lot of money.
He’s a perfect man not only for his kindness to patients and partners, but also for his super medical skills. The whole clinic room was a little bit chaos due to many people in the room, sometime I did not know what I should do next? Thanks to the helps from Ms. Zhaorong, supper nice of him! I felt she was indispensable to Dr. Chang.
Dr. Chang said that we were the second to get the least injections (got two menotropins) and wanted us to share our feelings to encourage other people. We went to Dr. Chang the first time on March 24th, and be aware of pregnancy on April 15th. I really got pregnant in less than a month, and cost less than NT$ 50,000. Because it was also the first time to do test tube, no other ways to compare good or bad, but the whole experiment felt not bad, except progesterone injection, the other process felt no pain at all, so we’d like to share our experience and recommend Dr. Chang and his Team to everyone!