My husband and I (Xinzhuang in Taipei County) have married for seven years, and we tried very hard to have a baby. We ever have two natural conceptions, which made us flushed with happiness, but there were all extrauterine pregnancies. After two tubal operations, I had become lost for a time. I was hurt and felt scared to conceive, and spent three years in idling. My friends suggested me to receive test-tube treatment, but in my memory, traditional treatment courses involve a lot of ovarian stimulations, long treatment periods, and require general anesthesia with pains and side effects. And my husband also didn’t allow me to bear this large anguish, and always reassured me and said that he really enjoyed the two-person world. At that period, we despaired of ever having a baby, and felt sorrow when saw other children playing happily with their parents.
Happened to know the natural cycle treatment from Doctor Chang Hung-Chi’s Blog, to be truth, I might not be knowledgeable about this method and the reason for success, but moved by those articles wrote by every successfully pregnant mother in pursuing for babies from his Blog. Those were just like my own feelings that had kindled the light of hope for me…… and I decided to fight for my self, my families and my own baby.
Drove from Taipei to Taichung for visiting, and with just this little hope, my all agitations, helplessness and doubts were all disappeared after the first visit. Remembered the first time to meet Doctor Chang, he is so young and gentle, with clear and simple explanations. My husband and I were all surprised by the small amount of injections, totally in four, as heard from others’ suffering on hundreds of ovarian stimulations. Doctor Chang’s natural cycle treatment eased my burden, with four injections before egg retrieval. I previously thought it should be painful during egg retrieval process, and wondered what it was like without local anaesthesia, in really nervous. However, in the retrieval process, Doctor Chang and his medical team explained to me more gently, tried hard to smooth me. Though felt a little sore, it was more sustainable than what I imaged before. After the first implantation of four eggs, my husband and I were full of bright hope, and we were very much expecting to the pregnancy test day. Finally, it was coming, my husband and I rushed to the store and brought a pregnancy test kit, but it showed one line. We felt very upset, and all efforts were in vain, fulfilled with disappointments, helplessness and sadness… Suffered from such heavy shock, my husband had always accompanied by my side with constant support. After calm, I began to think and weigh my plans to the future. Should I give my baby dream that easily??? And I decided to try again, as this failure did not dishearten me, but made me more familiar with the natural cycle treatment course, and I would fight again!!!
During the second treatment course, we only had one egg retrieved for direct implantation, and my husband and I again started to look forward to the test day with great tension and expectation. Finally came the day, I woke up at six in the morning, and tested to see the second shallow line. Then my husband decided to wait in front of drugstore from six to eight to buy another pregnancy test kit for confirmation, but also showed the shallow second line. Under unbearable pressure, we determined to drive from Taipei to Taichung for blood test, and when Doctor Chang said I was pregnant, my husband and I cried with joys, and we finally arrived at our happy ending…
Heard from many people that traditional test-tube treatment involve so many ovarian stimulations, with lots of side effects and long treatment periods, and I got pregnant successfully within only three weeks, almost zero pain and burden, and half cost compared with that needed by traditional test-tube treatment. That was why I decided to try again when my first try went bust. The most special thing is that Doctor Chang could adjust injections based on everyone’s situation, so as to lighten mental burden of his patients. Especially thank Doctor Chang and his team, as well as helps from Xiaoling, Zhaorong, Yanqi, Jiarou, Zhishan, Jingyin, also the cleaning ladies. They look like a big family, which made me assured, and here I want to encourage sisters with same dream not giving up and being confident while you are young! Doctor Chang is certain to help the one with will to realize your baby dream.