Married for 2 years, and my husband and I have been itching to have a baby. We tried many inspections early in our marriage, such as hystosalpingogram, uteroscope inspection, sperm test… also including four times of artificial fertilizations, but all in vain. According to blood test report, the doctor told me firmly that my AMH was only 0.8 and ovary also in serious degeneration, along with menelipsis soon after. Had heard the news, I felt very upset, and it was really a heavy shock to me. However, I told myself “I couldn’t be struck down”, cleaned up the sad, I started to receive the traditional test-tube baby treatment courses, totally in two, but all in vain.
With a mind wholeheartedly toward the Buddha, I read the Heart Sutra and Buddhist Chanting once had free moment, and also prayed for blessings in many temples. By chance, I saw reports for Doctor Chang Hung-Chi on the Internet, and then followed to search his Blog. The moment I saw introductions on Doctor Chang, I immediately told my husband: “I find it! That’s the kind of doctor we want!” Screwed up my courage, we headed for China Medical University Hospital to visit Director Chan. During this visit, I became more relaxed when found Doctor Chang was a kind and optimistic guy.
After checked my blood test report, Doctor Chang said: “Your AMH is really low, with relative small ovum storage and retrieval amounts. However, as you are young, same to your ova, you still have great opportunity to conceive”. Doctor Chang had been encouraging me that I definitely could get pregnant, and showed me his studies in the New York for detailed descriptions. Later after the analysis on my symptoms, Doctor Chang suggested me to receive separate egg retrieval processes. Namely first frozen embryos with good qualities, and then collected sufficient embryos for one more implantation. Although felt a little anxious at that moment, my husband and I decided to follow Doctor Chang’s suggestion with unyielding spirits. We got five embryos within these two treatment courses, and Doctor Chang and assistant professors then selected four embryos with best division conditions to implant in my uterine cavity accurately by making use of vaginal sonogram.
In the process of implantation, the doctor told me about embryo divisions intimately, and indicated that these four embryos implanted were all perfect, with high pregnancy rate! Professors worked in the embryo room also came to let me know the good condition of my embryos, with a lot of encouragement (also much confidence), and I just rested for about three hours before backed home.
In these 14 waiting days, I felt more relaxed (but also with great expectation), ate and slept well, even talked with my stomach. At the revisiting day for blood test, Doctor Chang said to me, “You have got excellent numbers, not only for pregnancy, but the chance for twins!” He held my hands with congratulations. At the seventh revisiting week, I saw my triplets in the ultrasonic scanner and heard their heart rates, tears in the round. At last, we made it, and I would become a mother.
When many doctors said I had difficulty conceiving, I doubted all the time as I am such a young lady. Until met Doctor Chang, who gave me the hope, the confidence and the chance to be a mother, and thank you so much! Thank you for encouragements and helps from Doctor Chang and his medical team (Yanqi, Zhaorong, Jiarou, Xiaoling, as well as professors worked in embryos room…), and you were laborious! My husband and I are grateful now.
Doctor Chang’s natural cycle test-tube baby is really unique, without so many injections and pains… truly amazing….