Hello everyone, I am Miss Chang from Taipei, my husband he is from Canada
He can speak Chinese; we know each other for more than ten years, dating about 7-8 years
Four years ago, we have had the experience of an ectopic pregnancy; therefore we thought pregnancy was possible.
As a result, after about two years, still we could not have successful pregnancy, and then I told my husband that we needed to go see a doctor
We went to many hospitals; I remember my first time to the North X hospital and see the doctor took a lot of needles
All of patients also took a lot of needle at that hospital, and it looked very scary……

After the North X hospital, we went to X-hospital, at that time, X-hospital advised me to do HSG (hysterosalpingography) examination.
However, their machine needs to be repaired, so we need to wait for more than a month before the examination.
Waiting for more than a month, the doctor advised me to start doing exercise to increase the chances of pregnancy
I cannot wait around; we went to Changan East Road, a well-known clinic to do blood tests,
AMH value is 0.5, the doctor said to me: 0.5, you might be a year enter menopause, it is possible that no way you could have eggs, he said, and he told me suggested that you need to ready mentally without being able to have a child, unless you borrowed eggs from donors.

I did not give up, I was introduced to Dr. Chang here by my sister who is a nurse.
Dr. Chang said:
In fact, AMH is just an index number, it does not mean that your egg quality will be bad, as long as there is a good egg, you have a chance of successful pregnancy, Dr. Chang gives me a lot of confidence, because the relationship between AMH value, eggs amount are only about 1 ~ 2, sometimes completely not.

Finally … before implantation, we went to Australia for two weeks, after our trip Dr. Chang helps harvest my ovum, and got five eggs, which four eggs can be implanted embryos out of 5, Dr. Chang helps me to implant implantation, after examination, successful implantation of an embryo, which is a birth.

My wife and I really appreciate Dr. Chang, in this whole course of treatment; Dr. Chang has always encouraged me
Under the natural cycle of therapy, I did not need to have many injections, which could have caused a lot of burden for my body.
After these six months, Dr. Chang helped me collect eggs, which he said it was a “piggy bank plan”
Because my AMH value is very low, and not many eggs are available. Additionally I am always aging, therefore, Dr. Chang recommended me to get some more good eggs collected from embryos for possible future implantation.
Thus the relative success rate will be higher, and I have three embryos so I can still have a chance, because in the two years, three years later

Thank you