Mrs. H, Age 47, Taipei
As the old saying goes, “It’s better to get marry and have a baby early, or when you get older, it will have a hard time to birth a baby in good quality and have no energy to take care of them.”I was young at that time and never put these things on my mind. However, when I found out the fact, I was at the age of 40 something. Dou to the late time of marrying, we had worked so hard to get a baby in a natural way, but never deserved a good result in one year.
My husband is an active person and does everything effectively. He searched information about infertility and the procedure of treatment in detail. Coincidently, we found out the seminar held by Honji, so we joined it. I was so surprised that the basic introduction from Dr. Chang gave us the new remedy of infertility instead of traditional one with too many injections and medicines which made me disgusted. I wondered that maybe we can try once bravely. After discussing with my husband, we experienced with natural cycle IVF.
During the first process, I was amazed. The leisure and pressure-free environment, and considerate and passionate doctors and nurses totally changed my general opinion of hospital which gave us more credibility. The concept of Dr. Chang followed the natural circulation of human beings and used the less shots and medicines to invade human body. The treatment accommodates to the different conditions of patient, providing the entire medical services which makes me less fear of the “white building”-hospital.
After natural IVF twice, fortunately, I got a good result. All of these could be dedicated to the professional medical team in Honji. Consequently, we have to be positive and brave to try. This was the new hope of being parents. I believe if you cooperate with Honji and be assisted by the complete medical recourses, you can get the fantastic results. God bless!!

Honji: Mrs. H first came to Honji on 2015.10.9 and graduated in 2016 after two times of natural IVF at the age of 47 in Taipei. Congratulations!!