Don’t worry! We will make your dream realize to become a mother.
There is no clearly law regulated, so many Japanese couples have no choice to take a treatment abroad. The website of Honji clinic goes,” The clinic out from Japan got the most Japanese patients.” Why Taiwan? Why Honji Clinic? I asked Dr. Chang Hong Chi in person this time.

The expert, whom had got experimental experiences for 6 years, provided the same level treatment as New York.
Located into the center of Taipei city, while it takes 10-15 minutes from shongshang Airport, from International Taoyuan Airport, it spends 40-50 minutes, which is really convenient.


Decorated in a modern way is waiting region. The red sofa spreads warmth. By looking out from the window, we can see the symbols of Taipei, Taipei 101.

As soon as entering into consultation room, Dr. Chang gave me the card, printed his name with Japanese pronunciation, Chou Kou Ki Chi, which I was really familiar with. I thought if the Japanese patients who came from exotic countries saw this card, they might take a breath and feel calm.
Dr. Chang whose name is Hong Chi originated in the name of the Honji Clinic. Dandelion is a symbol of Honji’s brand, which symbolizes the spread of hope as if the seed in feather shape assists people to pursue a wonderful life.

“As far as the choice of Honji Clinic for Japanese couples are concerned, aside from Japanese translator, we are in a high medical standard. From now on, there were more than 300 patients entering egg recipient treatment, in which Japanese were over 70%. After graduating from National Taiwan University, for studying medical reproduction, I was a full-time scientist in New York University from 2001 to 2007. In the beginning, I was a learner, but I did some good results, which was a research that they had spent 2 years without any results. However, I made it in one month, so the reproduction center assigned me to work there immediately, and also, I got a resident card. I came back owning to taking care of my father. I hope there would be a high standard reproduction center as New York in Taiwan, so I founded Honji Clinic in 2012.

In America, the living rate of egg recipient is 40.5%, and NYU (top 4th) is 44.5%. Nevertheless, our clinic is 61.68%. The reason to get the good rate is the young age of the donors, which are about 25. You can get all of the eggs from the donor you choose. Thus, we have more chances to implant and complete laboratory. What’s more important, as a reproductive and infertility expert, I always hold high standard and never come to terms. Maybe I am too strict, so the staff used to complain, “Excuse me, doctor. Here is Taiwan….”, but I still insist to my principle. The staffs supporting me are really excellent. We are not worse than New York. Many of the doctors never touched laboratory experiments, but I had been a scientist for 6 years. From embryo fertilization, sperm freezing to defrost, I am proficient to them. The embryoists were trained by me. It is unique in our clinic.”

I was shocked by the quality of clinic, the results from Dr.Chang is more astonished. He published 12 papers in the highest seminar, ASRM, and presented 6 times continuously.

In Taiwan, egg recipient is controlled by government.
The patient can directly connect to the clinic and take a treatment heart-easing.

These years, Japanese went to other countries to receive eggs, except for Taiwan including Thailand and America. Why the more went to Taiwan?
“In my mind, we are Asian, the same as Japanese. The law was regulated from 2007, so everything was demonstrated by the country, which make guest feel free. In Thai, it was also regulated, but in private. In the USA, although the medical level is high, they still have no clear regulation and the price is expensive. Only Taiwan is it controlled by government, and patients don’t need to go through medium but can directly communicate with clinic. In case, there is no medium fee.
We have 5 Japanese translators, four of which are native Japanese (the other is Korean who can speak fluent Japanese.), so when the patient determined to make a big decision, by the smooth communication, they can get correct news. Furthermore, the translators can consider the mood for taking treatment in foreign country. If Japanese help them, I think it might ease the pressure of the patient.”

It costs over 5,000,000 yen in the USA, and in Tailand, it still needs 2,000,000-3,000,000. For the people who want to do IVF for many times as well as might have spent a plenty of money, Taiwan is a good choice. Now, how many donors do you have?
“We have about 200 donors. When the first visit, we will introduce 8-10 donors. Although there are not too many, we have Japanese donor. The law regulates of the age conditions of donors is 20-40 years old, but all of our donors are below 32. Many girls register for donating every day. Also, we host seminar of egg donation every month, and it usually comes 20-30 participants. Donors have to take venereal disease, chromosome detect and other health examinations. Additionally, the blood test includes AMH of chromosome. If the results are lower than 2ng/ml, which might not get that many eggs, we will inject to her.

We have got so many donors now, but, in the beginning of the clinic, I made all efforts. I personally went to the place with more teenagers, such as movie theaters. I put the DM on the ticket counter. I went there every day. One day, the first came to the clinic. I asked if she came because of the DM. She said, “No. I worked in the movie theater. I saw doctor every day. Seems poor….” After that, more and more people came. I was really thankful for the first one.”

You don’t have a hard time that much anymore.
No matter what you do, you must not give up being a mother.
“The first woman got birth by egg receiving in Japan on February 2014. Some of Japanese patients have done several times of IVF in vain, but succeeded in our clinic. Some others have suffered from infertility for a decade and done 30-40 times of IVF or even 72 times. Also, the patient at over 50 with POI (Premature Ovarian Insufficiency) came to me with poor mental and physical situation. Many Japanese patients quit their jobs due to taking treatments. I felt so sad about that. Not only did they feel anxious about infertility but also lost the dream occupations or beloved jobs. I told them that not to give up the job.

In one situation, the Japanese doctor might put up a long face and ask the woman who has done more than 30 times of IVF to work harder next time, which she didn’t want to face with. However, I always say,” Be brave. You must be a mother!” As soon as they heard that, firstly, they felt shocked and started to cry.

Once, there was a patient got cancer at 10 years old and did chemotherapy which hurt the function of ovary. Although she told boyfriend this matters, he still married her, which he felt powerful aside from her. I ask the girl, “Were you poor?” “Of course!” the girl answered. Then, I said,” For me, you are not poor. After you conquered the cancer, you met a boy who loved you that deep. You just have no egg, which I can help you by egg receiving. The recipient eggs can combine with the sperms from your husband and we implant the embryos into your ovarian. After 10 months pregnancy, the DNA between you and your baby might go back and forth, in which the baby might have part of your DNA. You will become mother soon!”
There are also many patients with Turner syndrome who want to receive eggs and hope I can realize their dreams.
We hold the seminar regularly. Participants who want to know the treatment or have questions can directly ask me. Welcome!
We are also finding donors from Japan. It takes only 3 hours to Taiwan. Hope everyone can stride forward.”

Dr. Chang made us feel cheerful. In my mind, the first donor who worked in the movie theater might also be touched by the passion from Dr. Chang, so went to find him. If you are deciding to receive eggs, please open the door of Honji Clinic. The confident and powerful Dr. Chang and considerate staff will give you new hopes.

Because I saw how hard my coworker who had done infertility treatment, I decided to donate my eggs.

Today, there was a donor, Ms. A (26 years old) who came to the clinic and waited for us, in order to take the special interview. As a beauty eyelashes division, with big eyes and good body figure, she is a pretty girl. By law in Taiwan, egg recipient couple can be informed the donor’s information, including blood type, skin color, ethnic group. Ms. A was retrieved in 2016 in autumn, while she didn’t have chance to ask the couple if they had succeeded or not.

“I will ask the clinic about the result of the egg recipient couple. I could only get the result but know who was donated. However, if they could get a baby, I will be so pleased. The news of egg recipient was informed by my relatives. Owning to the diabetes, she could not donate, so she asked me. My coworker used to do IVF, and I usually heard how harsh to do so. I want to help them, so I decided to donate my eggs. I asked my boyfriend before, he said that it was good to help others and supported me. I searched Honji Clinic online and saw they had good nurses, so I chose it.

Would you please introduce the process until egg retrieval?

“After I registered for egg donation, I waited for 3 months and informed me that I had been matched yet. As entering into treatment, I took injections every day in two weeks and got 21-23 follicules. At that time, because I have to bow while working, my belly was swollen. It was quite hard. Before retrieval, I was scary, but I was taken whole body anesthesia, It was over when I got up, so I felt really fast. Few days after, my belly was still swollen while I knew that I retrieved a lot of eggs, so I was really happy. Hope the egg recipient couple could get a healthy baby. Thanks to the first time, I felt a bit nervous, but this thing was right for me, so I will introduce to my friends.

During interview, Ms. A always smiled. From her appearance, I could feel that it was a sense of satisfaction after helping people.

Nowadays, while the group of Japan, such as JISART or OD-NET states the conditions which it should be for free and has to promise that the baby have right to know the truth, in Taiwan, donor can get nutrition allowance and no need to let the baby know the truth. It is different between Japan and Taiwan, which we have to understand. Many of Japanese could not live up to the conditions of egg recipient. By this means, it is other hope for them to do so abroad.